Liberals Find Veterans They Love

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Veterans Day is probably the best time to write about some of the less then stellar representatives of the military, and of course most liberal rags will take this opportunity to remind everyone that not everybody who puts on a uniform is a saint. That is true, but somehow I think the author of this piece believes the supposed veterans highlighted in her article are examples of ‘good veterans’ since they rant against the war, the military, and are acting as poster children for that overaged kindergarten class known collectively as the Occupy movement.

At first I was just going to pass on this article since it is like so many I have seen the past normally with the same two or three players but instead I decided to use it as a teachable moment not only to budding journalism students, the author of this piece would best be described as a failed journalism student, and to enlighten the general public of certain items to look out for when reading stories of veterans. A healthy dose of cynicism never hurts whenever someone starts touting their veteran creds without being prompted. Always let that be your first clue.

Alright on with the fisking. First for the author.

On his sweater were two buttons: an Iraq Campaign metal and one from the IWW.

They are medals not metals. The IWW is Industrial Workers of the World, a communist organization. Hmm something not right with this picture.

She of course invokes the image of Scott Olsen, the Iraq War veteran who was struck in the head at the demonstration in Oakland. The cause of that injury has not been ascertained with any certainty but she of course sticks to the leftist talking point that it was caused by a projectile fired by the police. I think the lack of a civil suit in this case pretty much tells us it wasn’t the police who hit the young man in the head.

Patterson became an interrogator in Iraq straight out of high school.

You don’t just become an interrogator by magic. It requires attendance at a Military Intelligence school to learn the skill and assuming that Arabic is not his native tongue it would also require attendance at language school. The entire process can take a year or more. The clincher for me however on this Patterson character however was the part about him being swayed by watching a video leaked by Wikileaks. In other words you are supposed to believe that a soldier who was actually stationed in Iraq only contact with real military operations came via a video on the web and not first hand experience. This of course allows him to play the PTSD card.

The truth is this guy sounds like a slug that nobody trusted outside of the wire and who wound up failing a piss test so he could get chaptered out of the army. We normally call people like this losers.

“So I just smoked a bunch of pot and got kicked out,” he says.

The following statement makes absolutely no sense at all and points once again to the author’s ignorance of the military.

He’s witnessing: “Combat at Arms and Military Intelligence all come to the same conclusion: War is a business!”

My best guess at this is it should say Combat Arms and Military Intelligence. Combat Arms, often called the trigger pullers, are the guys who engage the enemy in direct combat. The author may like one of my old t-shirts from the 80’s that says War is a business, and business is good.

On a final note Patterson is wearing a Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) sweatshirt. Believe it or not most members of that organization never set foot in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Once somebody does a background check on them they find out the person either got kicked out during basic, never left the states or served their time in some place like Germany. Almost all of them that at least entered the military wound up leaving the military under less then honorable conditions, so when they bash the military it is normally fueled by the realization that they failed.

I realize most of this is boring as hell to folks but I just wanted to make folks aware that quite often the people writing about the military are clueless, mostly by choice not by accident, and who they consider to be heroes, to the rest of us are just the best examples of losers. In fact all the veterans she managed to name in this article appear to fall in that category. I don’t have pity for them.

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One Response to “Liberals Find Veterans They Love”

  1. Ben on 12/12/11 at 3:19 pm

    “You don’t just become an interrogator by magic. It requires attendance at a Military Intelligence school to learn the skill and assuming that Arabic is not his native tongue it would also require attendance at language school. ”

    Even then, Private Snuffy isn’t interrogating anyone. That’s going to be a SSG or a 2LT.

    Private Snuffy is going to be handed boxes of crap to sift through and read, and then he’s going to sweep some floors and make coffee. That’s what Privates do in the Army.

    “He interrogated people who were later put to death in Iraq with no appeals process, he says.”

    Again, really, some 18 year old kid is interrogating people, and based on his reports they’re being put to death? Not to mention, looking at this moron, *that* 18 year old kid?

    “He also has a touch of that telling hyper-awareness war vets sometimes display; he’s a little twitchy, a little intense.”

    Sounds like some good cocaine. Seriously, I’ve met plenty of guys who are twitchy and high-strung, and they’re all fresh out of basic. Once you’ve been in a unit and done drilling for weeks on end, you stop being so twitchy because you’ve adjusted to the pressure and know what you’re doing.