It’s Never About The ‘Green’ Technology

Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 at 8:01 am

As the news comes out in dips and drabs, like everything else this failure of an administration has engaged in, it is all about politics and promoting the cause of power for the liberals. Solyndra and the Volt may be poster children of the movement but they are merely cardboard cutouts covering up the real issue which using environmental and energy policies to drive the desire for power and maintaining that power.

The documents reviewed by The Post, which began examining the clean-technology program a year ago, provide a detailed look inside the day-to-day workings of the upper levels of the Obama administration. They also give an unprecedented glimpse into high-level maneuvering by politically connected clean-technology investors.

They show that as Solyndra tottered, officials discussed the political fallout from its troubles, the “optics” in Washington and the impact that the company’s failure could have on the president’s prospects for a second term. Rarely, if ever, was there discussion of the impact that Solyndra’s collapse would have on laid-off workers or on the development of clean-energy technology.

“What’s so troubling is that politics seems to be the dominant factor,” said Ryan Alexander, president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan watchdog group. “They’re not talking about what the taxpayers are losing; they’re not talking about the failure of the technology, whether we bet on the wrong horse. What they are talking about is ‘How are we going to manage this politically?’ “

I am sick and tired of the politicization of everything from lightbulbs to cars. I am tired of reading stories of farmers going out of business for the sake a two toed purple buck toothed sloth or billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on trains instead of pipelines. Junk science in the pursuit of a greater cause which crumbles upon exposure to the harsh light of reality has left people incredulous at how stupid their supposed learned betters are. At times it seems as if those Occutards are the smartest people in the room, they certainly have oversized presence in regards to their grievances in relation to their numbers.

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