It’s Come to This: HS Students Suspended for “Tebowing”

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 at 7:37 am
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You know how it is. One day they’re Tebowing, the next they’re burning mosques. But hey, I guess they’re so concerned about the safety of the children that an act of defiance like kneeling in the hallway is somehow deemed dangerous.

No running in the halls — and no Tebowing either.

That’s what one Long Island administration said Wednesday when it suspended a group of high school athletes for replicating Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow‘s popular pose in the hallway at school.

Jordan Fulcoly, Wayne Drexel and brothers Tyler and Connor Carroll of Riverhead High School were all handed a one-day suspension Wednesday, after three days of taking a knee with their foreheads resting on their fists, the same way Tebow does in the end zone and on the sidelines. The news was first reported by Yahoo! Prep Rally earlier Thursday.

Riverhead superintendent Nancy Carney said that two of the students’ suspensions were later rescinded, citing that administrators found that those students were not given the same warnings that the other two were.

Tebow has made headlines for the move, a display of his devotion to his Christian faith. The students were not suspended for bringing religion into the school, but instead for clogging the hallway.

Carney said that she supported the administration’s efforts to maintain a safe environment and was surprised that the incident has received this much attention. Since the news broke, Carney said she has been receiving hate mail from people charging that the suspension is due to religious prejudice.

“It’s very unsettling,” she told on Thursday. “It’s a shame that people out there are so ready to judge when they weren’t there to see what happened.”

Well, judge for yourself. I’m thinking these kids also don’t believe in man-made climate change.

By the way, that insane rabbi who said mosques would be burning if the Broncos won the Super Bowl has offered a mealy-mouthed apology. Sorry, pal, you meant what you said.


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6 Responses to “It’s Come to This: HS Students Suspended for “Tebowing””

  1. ClintACK on 16/16/11 at 9:37 am


    Where’s the Beef?

    Watch the video — it’s not a religious display, it’s a sit-in. They’re deliberately clogging the halls so no one can get by, in order to get attention.

    Perhaps a suspension sounds like an overreaction, but if this has been going on for several days and getting larger every time, you can see a school administrator wanting to get out in front of it.

  2. el polacko on 17/17/11 at 4:47 am

    they are “occupying” the school corridors. i would have suggested detention instead of suspension for this disruption and threat to safety but something definitely needed to be done to put a stop to this nonsense.

  3. mike191 on 17/17/11 at 2:05 pm

    From a safety issue, I can see the schools roll as a steward of public safety.However, the premise of “public attention “and blocking the school hallways, after viewing the video,is closer to the truth than a genuine religious moment.Moreover, if certain students were cited for three days to stop blockage of the hallway,insubordination is the root of the suspension not mimicking Mr. Tebow.

  4. Cyrax on 17/17/11 at 5:48 pm

    If they had been muslims these comments from mike191 and others would be hate speech.