Is This More Blood On AG Holder’s Hands?

Posted by on Dec 25, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Anytime incidents like this happen one must wonder what role, if any, guns from the failed Department of Justice program labeled Fast and Furious might have in it.

Hidalgo state regional assistant secretary Jorge Rocha identified the dead U.S. mother as Maria Sanchez Hernandez, 39, of Fort Worth, Texas, and the daughters as Karla, 19, and Cristina, 13. Rocha said all three held dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship. A 14-year-old Mexican nephew traveling with the three was also killed.

In addition to the Fast and Furious program there a less notorious, but just as equally deadly program going on endorsed by the State Department which allowed expedited sales of weapons directly from the manufacturers. For their part the state department personnel I guess can sleep with clear conscience all smug in the knowledge that they don’t the folks not to go.

The consulate urged Americans to “exercise caution” when traveling in Veracruz, and “avoid intercity road travel at night.”

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