Iran Continues Quest For Title of Big Dog in the “Countries Led By Crazy People” Bowl

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Show of hands from the people who actually follow the news from the region that are surprised by the latest saber rattling from Iran?

Iran is sending messages to not only it’s Arab neighbors, but also to the United States. With the presence of US troops (who were forced to slink away in the middle of the night from Iraq because of all our smart power diplomacy) gone, Iran is only going to act more and more bolder.

Iran’s Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told state-run Press TV that closing the strait, which is the only sea outlet for the crucial oil fields in and around the Persian Gulf, “is very easy” for his country’s naval forces.

It was the second such warning by Iran in two days, reflecting Tehran’s concern that the West is about to impose new sanctions that could hit the country’s biggest source of revenue, its oil sector. On Tuesday, Vice President Mohamed Reza Rahimi threatened to close the strait if the West imposes such sanctions.

I for one am getting sick and tired of us panicking over oil supplies every time some little psychotic nutjob in the Middle East goes off his meds, and I don’t think replacing oil is the answer. The answer is to use these alternative sources of energy to supplement the existing energy needs. If you got the money to waste on some sort of alternative powered car, well then good for you, but in the meantime,  let’s start drilling here.

Sure, we can sink the Iranian navy without breaking a sweat, and that may be the real threat to navigation in the strait, but why even have to put up with the headache?

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