“Injured” Portland Occupier Repeatedly Bangs His Head on the Pavement

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 at 10:06 pm

He was in such agony he decided to pound his own head into the pavement several times. Pay attention around the 2:10 mark. Much of the early video is just shrieking by protesters. Yeah, what else is new.

Language warning, of course.

Portland police released additional footage of officers removing an Occupy Portland protester from Chapman Square Sunday afternoon who later went to the hospital with a back injury.

Justin J. Bridges, 28, said said he became pinned between the crowd and a trash can during the Sunday eviction. He was injured, he said, after officers pulled him from the crowd and one officer put his knee into Bridges’ back.

He also said officers beat and choked him with his bandanna. He was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where he stayed until Monday.

The bureau initially released footage of the incident Monday, citing a “continuing effort to be transparent.” They released “extended raw” footage today that adds one minute and 16 seconds to the initial video.

The first addition spans about 45 seconds and shows the crowd after Bridges is pulled away by officers. He is not visible in the shot.




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