“I’m a Pimp, So Let’s Just Say I Like to Look Good”

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 at 2:35 pm

It’s a sad day for pimps.

Brown became an Internet sensation after The Jersey Journal posted his photo on Hudson County Now and readers responded to his wild and intricate hair style.

“I’m a pimp, so let’s just say I like to look good,” Brown told The Jersey Journal in a jailhouse interview videotaped after his May 19, 2010, sentencing. “Most people are intrigued by my lifestyle. I’m something like a dark knight. It’s a secret society that we live in that’s rarely exposed to square workers.”

But Brown told The Jersey Journal he never used violence.

“They needed to sit down and talk to someone who would totally understand them — let them know that even though they were in this life, there would be better days ahead with me,” Brown said of his prostitutes. “They had the right to choose if they wanted to be with me or be with some gorilla pimp that was probably busting their heads open.”

Brown said he wanted to try his hand at being a preacher when he finished his sentence.
A funeral service for Brown will be held tomorrow at noon at Jackson Funeral Home in Jersey City.

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