Hawkeyes On Bouncy Balls For Obama

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 at 8:14 am
Obama bouncy balls

I always contend that anybody who votes Democrat is merely a youngster or folks who have never matured. You know the people for who the t-shirt slogan of “I may grow older but I refuse to grow up” is not merely a punch line but a reality. Along comes this little ditty about Obama’s reelection campaign headquarters somewhere in the bowels of the cesspool known as Chicago politics and it confirms those stereotypes. It looks and sounds more like a daycare center for young adults then it does some sort of legitimate enterprise.

Unless somebody told you different you would think you were inside a frat house anywhere in America with youngsters sitting on bouncy balls and competing university banners hung from the ceiling. It does speak volumes to which sector the Democrats feel they have firmly in their pocket. Their grip on the African American community is slowing being chipped away thanks in no small way to the success of people like Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Herman Cain and Tim Scott.

In a dimly-lit corner of the office, a cadre of web designers and computer engineers are quietly putting the finishing touches on the “Obama 2012 Dashboard” – a proprietary social media platform that, they say, will for the first time allow supporters to “join, connect with, and build your neighborhood team online” when it’s rolled out.

Isn’t that called Democrat Underground?

The only difference between these campaign workers and the OWS crowd seems to be personal hygiene habits and running water.

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