Great News: Wall Street Occupiers Plan to Stay Until at Least 2025

Posted by on Nov 07, 2011 at 7:35 am

Nearly two months into the so-called “occupation” that the whole world is watching and laughing at, organizers of Occupy Wall Street claim they’ll now be occupying the streets of Lower Manhattan for the next 15 years.  That ought to really help local businesses.

Now they want to Occupy the Future.

Determined Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have vowed they’re not leaving Zuccotti Park anytime soon, and their online agenda suggests they mean business — with events scheduled through Oct. 26, 2025.

“Maybe it’s a typo?” said Patricia Moore, 58, of Cedar Street, chair of Community Board 1’s quality-of-life committee.

“It will be Occupy Wall Street’s grandchildren. The community board will have to fight to build a school over there.

“It would be bad enough if it’s 2015. But if they keep getting donations like they are, who knows?”

The leaderless anti-greed movement has racked up $750,000 in donations from supporters and unions and gotten space for storage and portable toilets from the United Federation of Teachers.

Noooo ! Not 2025,” groaned Mohammed, 38, a food-cart operator at Cedar Street and Broadway. “It was good business [before the protest], and now it’s so slow. 2025, I don’t think so. Never! I hope next month they’ll be gone.”

Their Web site suggests the radicals won’t be learning much over the next 14 years, as “Radical Economics 101” appears on the agenda every Sunday between now and then — with no sign that “Radical Economics 202” or “303” is in the offing.

Neighbors already have been forced to endure weeks of constant noise from megaphones and drumming, as well as brawls, graffiti, public urination and defecation, as the number of vagrants, criminals and wackos squatting in the privately owned park has soared since the protest started Sept. 17.

But not everyone was ready to yank in the welcome mat.

“We passed a resolution saying they have the right to protest. If it takes 14 years, that’s their right,” said Julie Menin, chair of CB1, adding that quality-of-life issues could still be addressed without forcing OWS out.

City Hall, the NYPD and Brookfield Properties declined comment.

Meanwhile, in a moment of utter #occupyfail, a grand total of ten protesters showed up for an “Occupy the MTA” protest Sunday.

Only 10 protesters showed up for an “Occupy the MTA” protest at Union Square yesterday to demand that the jobless be allowed to ride for free.

Why not just demand everyone ride for free? Why do the jobless receive special privileges?

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9 Responses to “Great News: Wall Street Occupiers Plan to Stay Until at Least 2025”

  1. fred CPA on 7/07/11 at 3:44 pm

    i think for many of them their trust funds run out in 2024… yeah, it would be time to get a job about then.

  2. ertdfg on 7/07/11 at 3:45 pm

    So I can go live on someone else’s private property without their permission forever without legal issues?

    I mean so long as I claim to be “protesting” something of course… is that the only requirement for living on someone else’s property without permission?

    Man I have got to move into… err I mean “protest” the local fancy hotel chain… I hear their hot-tubs are to protest for.

  3. Bad Actor on 7/07/11 at 4:28 pm

    So, when are the unicorns and rainbows going to show up? These people are living in a fantasy land if they think they’ll make it through the winter. After their ‘financial working group’ disappears with the $750,000 they’ll be gone in a ny minute.

    Too bad Guiliani still isn’t mayor of NYC…they’d be doing ‘Occupy Rikers’ instead of OWS.

  4. Jim on 7/07/11 at 4:36 pm

    So the might as well build condos there. Why live in tents for 14 years? Of course $750,000 would be a nice down payment but they’ll probably need some financing from greedy bankers.

  5. mk on 7/07/11 at 4:37 pm

    I do think the protestors should be educated more, however the education I have in mind would not be in academia, but in the real business world.

    What the OWS protestors simply do not “get” and therefore can’t understand is that “crony capitalism” is a result of government. The “evil” corporations and their executives including Wall Street bankers and market movers go to the government in search of favoritism (i.e., crony capitalism, preferential treatment, etc.), and it is the government via whatever that representative that may be (congressman, senator, fed. agency executive/administrator) has the power to grant or decline that request.

    To show how naïve the protestors and movement really is, they suggest more government regulation is the solution when in actuality giving more power to government to regulate crony capitalism will result in more crony capitalism. As government and their representatives acquire more power to regulate, they increase their tendency to use that power in a corrupt fashion to gain favoritism in return.

    Example: If you give a congressman the power to overturn common sense and enact collective bargaining “rights” for public sector unions, then they will do so in return for those unions funding their campaigns and/or funneling funds to the congressman’s self interests. That is crony capitalism in action.

  6. Greg on 7/07/11 at 5:13 pm

    From the sound of Mohammed’s reaction the locals are less than thrilled. Of course, the narcissistic fools at Zuccotti Park could care less. I mean, come on man, sometimes you have to bankrupt a few small businesses to make a point.

  7. rabidfox on 12/12/11 at 4:46 pm

    When is the next mayoral election and any bets on what the campaign issue(s) will be?