Great News: NYU Now Offering OWS Classes

Posted by on Dec 09, 2011 at 7:42 am

This is rather amusing. One of the primary whining points from these miscreants has been they owe too much money from the college loans, realizing they wasted their time and money getting degrees in womyn’s studies and philosophy.  Now to help make degrees even more worthless, New York University plans to add courses on the crumbling protest movement. By the time the classes actually start up this temper tantrum will be a distant memory.

New York University plans to offer two classes next spring on the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, which dominated the school’s Greenwich Village campus this fall.

The for-credit undergraduate class, offered through the university’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, examines economy and culture and will be taught by a specialist in modern US cultural, social and political history.

The class will feature a rotating focus and will be called “Why Occupy Wall Street? The History and Politics of Debt and Finance.”

“Occupy Wall Street has done us all the service of illuminating [the fact] that the economy operates within the framework of political, social and cultural conflicts, and not outside them,” the course’s instructor, Professor Lisa Duggan, told the school’s newspaper, Washington Square News.

Flyers urging students to sign up for the course appeared on campus this week.

“The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are catching on across the United States, linking to popular discontent with economic inequality and financial greed and malfeasance around the globe,” says a flyer promoting the class.

Catching on? Really? Are these people paying the slightest bit of attention to the news of late?

Maybe they should offer a course called Self-Delusion 101: How to Pretend a Discredited Movement Means Something.

Angelique Nixon, a professor from Susquehanna University and a member of the People of Color Caucus of OWS, plans to be a future guest speaker at the course.

Nixon told the student-run newspaper that she hopes other classes will spring up at other colleges about the anti-Wall Street movement.

“[Students] should study the movement to get a better understanding and know about perhaps the largest social movement of the time,” Nixon said.

You know who they really should have as a guest speaker:

Update: Via Old Line Texan on Twitter, some suggested courses:

POLI406 Alinsky Methods for Useful Idiots (prereq GOV322 New Democrat Socialist Methods)

ARTS358 Effective Grievance Theater

ECON214 What Society Owes You

HEALTH102 Personal Non-Hygiene

CHEM 202 (Lab) Cutting Meth Production Costs – Keeping Your Sales Profitable When Mom and Dad Stop Sending The Checks

WOMY500 Seminar: Gender-Based Role Deconstruction in the post-Capitalist Socio-Anarchic Society

WOMY600 Seminar: Why the New Society Needs Rape-Free Zones and Your Silence (drum-based counseling provided)



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One Response to “Great News: NYU Now Offering OWS Classes”

  1. lauraw on 9/09/11 at 10:47 am

    I’d like to give these professors a test.
    Sample test question:

    Check all that apply.
    What is your mission as an educator, and the purpose of higher education in general?

    a) To prepare students for their chosen careers.

    b) To assist young people in becoming well-rounded adults who fully grasp the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in life.

    c) To turn out hordes of financially devastated people, having giving little of value to them in return.

    d) To produce angry career protestors who know they have been cheated but are too steeped in rotten Marxist cant to understand who the true guilty party is.