Great News: More Washed-Up Rockers to Play at Zuccotti Park

Posted by on Dec 01, 2011 at 10:21 am

If only the protesters had been allowed to stay (just a little bit longer) there would be some people left to see has-been Jackson Browne.

Rock band Third Eye Blind and singer-songwriter Jackson Browne are headed to Zuccotti Park Thursday to entertain what’s left of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The concert will take place at noon in the lower Manhattan plaza and will also include rock band Dawes, organizers said.

“They wanted to just go down and show their support,” said Adam Nelson of the Workhouse PR firm, which has been helping the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I can tell just by how fast and viral this went that there’s great enthusiasm for it,” he said.

No doubt there will be dozens of people on hand, none of whom were alive the last time Browne had a hit record. I’m really tempted to spread the rumor that Radiohead will show up.

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