Great News: Convicted Terrorist Allowed to Visit NYC for the Holidays

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Naturally the New York Times calls this leftwing terrorist an activist in their headline. Always have to be sure they play it the right way. Remember, leftwing terrorists are activists, tea partyers are terrorists.  I guess you could say our loss is Peru’s gain.

A court here is allowing Lori Berenson, the paroled American who spent more than 15 years in Peruvian prisons on a terrorism conviction, to travel to the United States for the first time.

She had requested permission to travel earlier this year, but the request was initially rejected. An appeals court granted her permission to visit the United States for the holidays, beginning as early as Friday and lasting through Jan. 11, according to the official decree. Ms. Berenson will travel to New York with her son, Salvador.

“We are all thrilled that she will be here in New York for the holiday season,” her mother, Rhoda Berenson, said in an e-mail. “Lori has said she will comply with the requirement to return to Peru to fulfill the conditions of her parole.”

Ms. Berenson is one of the most politically polarizing figures in Peru, a society that has suffered from a history of terrorism since the 1980s. Once this travel permit ends, Ms. Berenson will be required to report back to various legal authorities in Peru, including the Criminal Court, the Provincial Criminal Court and the National Penitentiary.

“If she doesn’t return by Jan. 11, her penitentiary benefits will be revoked, and she will be imprisoned until the culmination of her sentence, but the magistrates are certain there is no flight risk involved,” a judiciary spokesman in Lima said Friday by telephone.

According to the permit, she will stay at her parents’ home in New York City.

I hope the folks in Peru realize once she’s here she won’t be returning. Heck, she’ll probably resume her role of activist by joining up with the Occupy loons

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