GQ’s Man of the Year

Posted by on Dec 08, 2011 at 7:48 am
RESTRICTIONS APPLY: 30 Rock' actor Peter Dinklage takes his dog for a walk in Manhattan

Proving that size really doesn’t matter apparently their Man of the Year is the diminutive costar from the cast of the HBO mini series Game of Thrones. The midget we all loved to hate, Peter Dinklage.

For those not familiar with his character in the mini series he plays a despicable little man who in between blackmailing his friends, which are few and far between, bedding an endless supply of beauties all because his family happens to be the richest and most powerful around, just goes through life drunk or hungover in general.

This dude is winning awards that are bigger then him. Is it okay for me to say it ain’t fair? I mean c’mon the dude is already filming scenes with naked women all over the place and now they want to give him the title of stud to boot.

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