Good Karma: Bernie Goetz “Victim” OD’s 27 Years to the Day

Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 at 7:25 am

I remember this useless piece of human debris who got what he had coming that day in 1984, an event that quickly became worldwide news. He obviously straightened out his life after the notorious incident.

One of the teens wounded by “subway vigilante” Bernhard Goetz died of an apparent drug overdose in a seedy Bronx motel room Thursday — 27 years to the day after the infamous shooting.

James Ramseur, 45, was found dead in bed at the Paradise Motor Inn at 2990 Boston Road about 11 a.m., sources said.

Two empty prescription pill bottles were found next to the bed with their labels scratched off, sources said.

The death is being investigated as an apparent overdose and possible suicide, sources said.

Ramseur checked into the motel Tuesday and was supposed to check out Thursday morning, sources said.

When Ramseur failed to return his room key, the motel manager entered the room and found his clothed corpse.

The troubled Bronx native — his years in the media limelight far behind him — did not leave a suicide note.

Police learned of Ramseur’s involvement in the Goetz shooting from his sister, who they called to notify of his death, sources said.

Ramseur, an ex-con released from prison last year following a 25-year stint upstate for rape, was one of four black teens shot by Goetz on the 2 train on Dec. 22, 1984.

It’s a shame Goetz wasn’t a good enough shot.

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10 Responses to “Good Karma: Bernie Goetz “Victim” OD’s 27 Years to the Day”

  1. Cocklebur on 23/23/11 at 9:38 am

    If I remember correctly Goetz used a 25 auto or a 22, whatever he used it wasn’t big enough.
    I prefer cartridges in the 40 cal. range.

  2. Rich on 24/24/11 at 12:37 am

    “…and was supposed to check out Thursday morning, sources said.”

    Sounds like he did…

  3. Toejam on 24/24/11 at 6:07 am

    Bernie Goetz was crucified by the Liberal douchebags for defending himself on the subway from 4 violent, hugs.

    Unfortunately, his life changed forever and not for the better.

    I laughed and danced a jig (pun intended) when I heard the lawyer (Kunstler) for the “poor black victim”, Darrell Cabey, one of the persons shot by Bernard Goetz died in 1995.

    William Moses Kunstler was a major league asshole and a typical Liberal out to screw the American establishment at any cost. I sincerely hope the shithead’s passing was painful as possible.

    Next karma strike is going to be for the assistant douchebag: Ron Kuby. Get some Ron. He’s the protogey of Mr Kunstler and is still trying to tear down the American justice system.

    Merry Christmas Bernie where ever you are. You are the American hero!

  4. OpenTheDoor on 24/24/11 at 7:16 am

    Big enough Bur?
    Bernie is an American icon, immaterial of what the LSM says.
    Hey Bernie, 9mm or bigger, just sayin’.
    I like .45Colt myself.