Former “Activist” and Community Organizer to Surrender in 1971 Police Slaying

Posted by on Nov 09, 2011 at 10:21 am

I guess he figures as a former community organizer he’ll find a sympathetic jury. After all, community organizer is such a revered profession these days.

A 67-year-old man accused in a pair of long-ago attacks on police officers, including the 1971 slaying of a San Francisco sergeant, is poised to turn himself in this week after more than four decades in hiding, his attorney said Tuesday.

Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth – an artifact of a turbulent era and an alleged former warrior for a violent offshoot of the Black Panthers – plans to plead guilty to firing on South San Francisco officers who tried to arrest him for credit card fraud at a discount store in 1968, said his attorney, Paul Harris.

No longer a young activist and community organizer, Bridgeforth now has a wife, two grown sons, a master’s degree and a pair of arthritic hips, Harris said. Last week, Bridgeforth resigned from a job teaching and counseling students at an undisclosed college.

Wait, what? He’s teaching at a college? Let me guess, is he on the faculty with Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers?

How Bridgeforth spent his years as a fugitive remained a mystery Tuesday. Harris gave a few details, saying his client initially spent a year hiding in Africa, eventually married, raised two sons, worked as a janitor before earning a master’s degree, and finally landed the college job.

Echoing an argument that was made by many of the defense lawyers in the San Francisco case, Harris said, “He’s lived an exemplary life.”

Of course. All those old domestic terrorists do that while they’re on the lam.

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