Florida Teacher Suffers Hash Brown Rage

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 at 12:41 pm

She sure looks like someone you don’t want to mess with when she’s hungry.

A Florida middle school teacher is facing a battery charge after she threw an assortment of food items back through a drive-thru window following a dispute with a McDonald’s employee, according to cops.

The incident, which was captured by a restaurant surveillance camera, occurred around 9:45 Saturday morning at a McDonald’s in Lakeland. Simone Paolercio, 39, had ordered about $20 worth of food when she got into a dispute with a worker manning the drive-thru window.

The video can be found below.

Jessica Balderas, a McDonald’s worker, told cops that “there was a disagreement over two hashbrowns,” according to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report. Paolercio reportedly became “irritated” and “wanted them to take the food back and refund her money.”

After a manager arrived to speak with Paolercio, the educator tossed some of the food items back through the drive-thru window when the man refused to provide a refund. Paolercio later admitted that she “chucked it” through the window when her refund demand was rejected.

I don’t quite understand why the guy left the drive-thru window open while this beast kept chucking the food through it.

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