Figures: Occupy the Rose Parade “Spokesman” a 9/11 Truther

Posted by on Dec 31, 2011 at 12:20 pm

In advance of the Tournament of Roses Parade Monday, there are divisions brewing amongst the confused occupiers.

Local activists who assemble under the banner of Occupy Pasadena declined to give their endorsement to the organizer of the Rose Parade protest, Peter Thottam, a Venice activist.

“The group was uncomfortable with disrupting the parade, whether intended by the organizer or not … undermining the community outreach we would like to do,” Occupy Pasadena participant Paul Jenvey, 32, said.

Concerns included “the fact that it seemed to be this vision of one person and the nature of the action was not decided by a democratic body,” said Jenvey, a South Pasadena resident.

As the unofficial spokesman for Occupy the Rose Parade, Thottam, 40, has faced scrutiny of his background as an unsuccessful state Assembly candidate, former associate of the conspiracy-oriented 9/11 Truth Movement and attorney whose license was briefly suspended by the State Bar of California after a 2004 shoplifting conviction.

Sounds like the prototype spokesman to lead the movement.

This guy is nuts.

Update: More on this creep from Big Government.


2 Responses to “Figures: Occupy the Rose Parade “Spokesman” a 9/11 Truther”

  1. melanerpes on 31/31/11 at 2:26 pm

    I followed your Thottam link. To call the site cluttered would be an understatement. The guy has all the sense of style of a drug-adled, terminally ADHD-afflicted spider monkey.

    Here is the first sentence of his bio:

    Pete Thottam is a Los Angeles based internet consultant (web design, search engine optimization strategies (Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook).

    Note the unclosed parenthesis. A procedure was called but never returned. Stack overflow.