Disgrace: Moronic Penn State Students Riot After Paterno Firing

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 at 7:31 am

If I were the parent of a current Penn State student my child would be removed from that university today. How can people in good conscience behave like this after what anyone with a soul knows was the appropriate thing to do? There’s clearly a total breakdown of institutional control and the idea that kids would take to the street in an ugly demonstration after what has transpired this week shows education may be the last item on the agenda at this now-disgraced university.

Thousands of enraged Penn State students tore through the streets of State College, Pa., overnight to protest the firing of Joe Paterno after the longtime head football coach was removed from his position effective immediately.

Amid chants of “We want JoePa,” “One more game” and “F*** the media!,” rioting students flipped over a television van, knocked a lamppost onto a car, threw toilet tissue and rocks at police and set off fireworks.

Police met the rioting crowds with tear gas as it became clear that the army of officers, who were out in riot gear, were far outnumbered by students. Every local police department in the county contributed officers to the effort to control the crowd, along with state police and the county sheriff’s department.

Several students directed their rage at the media by overturning over a satellite van belonging to a local CBS affiliate, breaking its windows and threatening to burn it amid chants.

I have enough beefs with the media, but in this case how are they at fault for anything? Nobody at Penn State has provided any answers for days after the discovery of one of the most outrageous scandals to ever hit college sports. It’s a worldwide story and people want information. And now these idiots think it’s OK to go riot after Paterno is justifiably fired?

This is acceptable behavior, acting like a feral mob?

Completely senseless, and I hope the authorities identify these submoronic twits and prosecute them.

The student reaction to Paterno’s dismissal did Penn State no favors. (The board made a good call by firing Paterno. But announcing it at 10 PM wasn’t smart). Students swarmed the campus to support Paterno, chanting “Joe Can’t Go,” “We Want Joe” and “F__k the Trustees.” The scene got chaotic: students ripped down light posts, and threw rocks at a news van, smashing its windows. They then flipped the van over. Around 100 police in riot gear confronted students, and used pepper spray to control the crowd bu there were no reports of arrests.

You can chalk a portion of this behavior to college silliness. But a large swath of students felt wronged by Paterno’s dismissal. If there’s one image that speaks to America’s twisted relationship to college sports, it’s the Penn State pro-Paterno rallies. Football before all. Lives were likely ruined at the hands of a possible predator, thanks in no small part to Paterno. Yet it’s Paterno who must go out “with dignity.”

There’s plenty of blame to go around here, but let’s first focus on the monster Jerry Sandusky, and concern ourselves with his victims.

Speaking of twits, what is it with these celebutards on Twitter?

Ashton Kutcher was forced into an embarrassing climbdown after tweeting that the sacking of Joe Paterno showed ‘no class’ and was an ‘insult’ to his legacy.

At about 12.30am this morning, he wrote on his official account: ‘How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye [the University of Iowa football team] fan I find it in poor taste.’

Within minutes the term Jo Pa, a misspelt nickname of the legendary football coach, was trending on the social networking site as thousands of users ripped into the Two and a Half Men star.

Every idiot out there rioting should be forced to read this and then tell us why they’re rioting.

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8 Responses to “Disgrace: Moronic Penn State Students Riot After Paterno Firing”

  1. © Sponge on 10/10/11 at 11:00 am

    Just more moronic actions by the “entitlement generation.” Actions have no consequences.

    Did JoePa do a lot for the school and CFB? Yes. Probably more than anyone in history given his 6 decades there. Does that excuse the fact that he basically ignored the fact that one of his coaches was diddling little boys ON CAMPUS?!? No. Anyone that knew about this and did nothing should be fired, at MINIMUM. McCreary should’ve been the FIRST to go, in my opinion.

  2. srdem65 on 10/10/11 at 2:27 pm

    An explanation, not an excuse.


    Did JoPa do wrong? not do enough? don’t know yet.

    The could have allowed the old man to retire and keep his name out of this horrible abuse of children.
    Just sayin’

  3. Duchess of Austin on 10/10/11 at 3:17 pm

    srdem65 = Are you just stupid? You don’t think JoPa was, at the very least, turning a blind eye to what his staff was doing to CHILDREN in his facilities???

    Sure, he did what the law required him to do and reported an eyewitness account up the chain of command but is that *really* enough? McQueary needs to be hung by his toenails for not stopping what he walked in on. Then again, maybe he was one of the victims himself in his youth and is ok with assistant coaches anally raping young children in a shower because he did it too….who knows.

    The entire upper echelon of Penn State needs to be fired. They all turned a blind eye to this for *years.* If I was the mother of that boy that McQueary saw being raped, I’d be looking for his hide.

  4. Gmac on 10/10/11 at 3:44 pm

    Penn State now has a reprehensible reputation as being a school that enabled a pedophile to have his ‘fun’ using school facilities and quite possible run a pedophile ring.

    Sucks to be them and now be known as Pedophile State University.

  5. Jim Hlavac on 10/10/11 at 4:41 pm

    The crime occurred 9 years ago — that’s when Paterno, Penn State authorities, the witnesses, the coaches, anyone who knew, should have done something far more than what they did. Which can charitably be called covering up a crime — which is criminal. That was the time to bring this sordid thing to light. Indeed, it seems he was known for his over-attention to young boys before even this incident. Instead, they all just covered it up; and allowed it to continue — how could they not know it would continue? What, did they think Sandusky’s resignation would end the actions? Some crimes are just too horrible to just say “Well, he resigned, I’ve got to go back to work.” He opened a home for boys, and Paterno and the others didn’t imagine it would happen again? How could they be that willingly obtuse? And it would have made no difference if it was a boy or a girl being raped — it’s the same thing — police action is required immediately. And now the rioting? You are right, how utterly gross. How many more crimes will come with this? Throw the book at all of them.

    But you know what saddens me, too? — and it must be addressed, and I did at my blog — is that this scandal — which has nothing to do with gay men as I know gay men, yes, despite it being a heterosexually married man going after a young boy, which “looks” gay, for it is male on male, no doubt — it is not gay men involved here. Yet, people will think that this is what all gay men do — and nothing is further from the truth. Sandusky is not “gay” — he’s demented.

    Still, I’m not unaware that we get accused of this “gays molest boys” all the time — and we don’t; there’s just no evidence, only belief — all the boy molesters seem to be hetero men with wives, or else celibate clergy — not gay men. And it’s said that gay men are molested “into the lifestyle” and we aren’t — I was never molested — I’ve never met a gay men who ever said he was molested; I know hundreds, we ask each other, for we know the charge and wonder too “Is it true?” And well, it isn’t.

    And none of the victims of these crimes ever seems to turn out to be gay — but do have difficulties with their hetero relationships. I really feel for those guys, I do. But not a one ever molested seems to be gay, ever.

    And yet, when a heterosexually married man rapes a little girl it does not indict all heteros or heterosexuality; and it shouldn’t, it can’t. But when some married man, for all ostensible purposes holding himself out as a heterosexual man with a happy marriage, goes after a young boy, and is apparently aided and abetted, and at least protected by many other heterosexual men — and now mobs of heterosexual men in open riot — “homosexuality” and all of us will be indicted in the public eye — and yet we have nothing to do with this.

    Actually, it’s more than saddening, it’s infuriating, on every level imaginable. And all I can do is ask — please don’t confuse us gay guys with these creeps who all deserve the maximum penalties possible. Thank you (and sorry for the long comment, but the issue is there, and I’m your friendly gay commenter.)

  6. DGF on 11/11/11 at 7:14 am

    >If I were the parent of a current Penn State student my child
    >would be removed from that university today.

    Most estimates that I’ve seen put the number of rioters around 2,000. There are about 50,000 students enrolled at University Park, and a total enrollment of just under 100,000 across 24 campuses.

    Please don’t condemn the whole school because of the behavior of a handful of idiots.


  7. Gmac on 11/11/11 at 12:19 pm

    DGF, they are the face of the school writ large.

    Until the rest of the students, faculty, administration and alumni outright condemn the actions of “a handful of idiots” and the staff that hid the atrocity for over a decade then you can ride that pony off the cliff with the rest of the perverts there.