Deranged Ron Paul Supporter on Facebook: Assassinate Obama and His Children

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 at 11:09 am

Unless this guy’s facebook account was hacked, he’s going to be in some serious trouble. I cleaned up his language for the headline.

It’s even worse that that.

Jules Manson, a former candidate for city council in Carson, California and enthusiastic Ron Paul supporter  wrote “Assassinate the f#@#en n-word and his monkey children” in a Facebook post.

Manson is a Libertarian and a big Ron Paul supporter who would regularly post on Ron Paul’s website and Facebook page. It seems that there has been an effort to take away Manson’s online presence as his Facebook page and posts on Ron Paul’s website have been removed but several screen grabs and a google cache reveal his postings. On this Facebook Post on Ron Paul’s page, Manson says “I may be an atheist but Ron Paul is my God.” Here is a screen grab of Manson’s call to assassinate Obama and his children.

Below are the screencaps:

All of the above has been removed from his Facebook page. I don’t care where you are on the political spectrum. There’s no room for nonsense like this.

Via Blue Collar Todd.

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3 Responses to “Deranged Ron Paul Supporter on Facebook: Assassinate Obama and His Children”

  1. chris on 19/19/11 at 6:09 pm

    You cannot blame the candidate for everyone of his backers but Dr. Paul has some of the nastiest and most vile creatures that populate the political universe.

    You can blame a candidate when he turns a blind eye to a cesspool he himself created. This type of bombast dates back to the early 1990’s and was part of a regular, race baiting newsletter that went out under Dr. Paul’s name. He now claims total amnesia when confronted with the screeds.

    How long can a guy that has lived off the government for most of 3 decades get away with this Libertarian schtick? There are many young voters who hear the message of small government and that is good…but they need to vet their messenger before getting embarrass by being tied to a very creepy organization.