Democrats Mission Almost Complete

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Time magazine wants you to believe that the mandatory cuts to defense spending that would be required in the legislation that was passed in regards to the failure of the so-called Super Committee would not be so bad. In fact they wrap their article up with this quote from another publication.

We’ll leave this last one to the folks over at Aviation Week, long a trusted and friendly journal for the military-industrial complex. This is from the editorial in the magazine’s latest issue:

Some of the hair-on-fire rhetoric of late has been unhelpful. The range of cuts being discussed is still well within the proportions of drawdowns after the ends of the Korean, Vietnam and Cold wars. Even the most drastic cuts will not end the U.S.’s superpower status.

If you merely skimmed over the article you would probably leave with a sense of relief and the belief that all those chicken hawks of the military industrial complex were just trying to scare you. You would of course also skimmed over this part from Secretary Panetta.

“Such a large cut, applied in such an indiscriminate manner, would render most of our ship and construction projects ‘unexecutable’ — you cannot buy three quarters of a ship or a building — and seriously damage our modernization efforts,” Panetta wrote the lawmakers. “We would also be forced to terminate most large procurement programs in order to accommodate modernization reductions that are likely to be required.” After 10 years of such reduced spending, he added, the U.S. military “would have the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest number of ships since 1915 and the smallest Air Force in its history.”

Veterans have been keeping an eye on these budget talks, or rather lack of talks, and most of realized from the beginning of the announcement of this super committee with it’s mandatory cuts that it was a win – win for the Democrats. Anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention to what is going on in Washington DC as it relates to the debt and deficit talks knows that every single proposal has been stonewalled by Harry Reid (D-NV) who is the head of the Senate. Regardless of what comes out of the House of Representatives, including regular fiscal year budgets, once handed over to the Senate for consideration dies a quiet death. The very same people who rant and rave about the evil Republicans are the very same people killing each and every attempt to address the problem. They get by with this tactic by speaking in general terms and using the generic term Congress. Watch a Democrat on tv and you will hear them use the phrase “Republicans in congress”. You have to give them credit, they know their audience. The average American is not going to take the time to parse that statement out and the Republicans have not made it clear what is going on.

Anyway back to the veterans. We know the Senate is not going to act and we know that since we are the other 1% in this country that liberals despise that we will be taking it in the shorts with increased premiums for health care, shock for a lot of you that thought we got free health care huh, reduced availibilty of said care, reductions in our retirement pay and other items that if we belonged to a union would be cause for a national boycott or something. As much as veterans know we would get shafted it will be far worse for those serving. I know since my career was long enough to span periods of war and peace. There was an old saying we lived by, and history has proven this to be true, nobody loves a warrior until the barbarians are at the gates. For many of us we realize this is the completion of a dream liberals and Democrats have had for decades, the final destruction of the only arm of the federal government which has exhibited any sort of achievement and has been the bane of their existence since they were activists during their Golden Era of the 60’s.

One of these times America’s luck is going to run out and they won’t be able to get the warriors to the wall in time to keep the barbarians from crashing the gate and destroying the kingdom.

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