CT Democrat Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 at 8:53 am
New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr.

It’s safe to say most Democrats want illegals to vote. Why else would they shamelessly pander to them and encourage them to come here?

At least give this lunatic props for being so open about it.  Sadly, New Haven wouldn’t be the first town to permit this.

New Haven is taking its immigrant-friendly approach one step further and has proposed allowing non-citizen residents, including those who are undocumented, to vote in municipal elections.

The proposal is part of a package it will submit to state lawmakers for the session that starts in February.

Mayor John DeStefano Jr. Tuesday said the impetus behind the proposal is “to build a more engaged participatory community” and it follows the example of other cities that have already done this.

Legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants who currently can’t vote would still not be able to vote in state or national elections. The change in New Haven would have to be approved by state lawmakers.

Six municipalities in Maryland permit resident, including non citizens, voting in local elections, including Takoma Park, Barnesville, Martin’s Additions, Somerset, Garrett Park, and Chevy Chase. Takoma Park did this in 1992, a decision that has stayed on the books despite efforts early on to repeal it.

Chicago is an example of a city that allows all residents, regardless of legal status, to vote on school issues.

I suspect those illegals in Chicago have more enhanced voting privileges.

This tool DeStefano certainly has a selfish motive.

Asked if this wouldn’t create a new voting block for him, DeStefano said he doubt that it would.



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