Creepy, Disrespectful Christmas Display at the White House

Posted by on Dec 01, 2011 at 10:53 am
WH Christmas 2011

Not sure if I can adequately put into words how the use of all the military symbolism as Christmas tree decorations at the White House makes me feel. Cheap comes to mind. Marginalized. Stage prop.

It just seems wrong. A tree dedicated to the Gold Star families, that is those who have lost a loved one in our ten-year battle with the Islamic terrorists, while maybe starting out with good intentions somehow seems disrespectful. Using the symbols of valor which represent the sacrifice of blood from our service members as nothing more then a tree decoration causes a knot in my stomach.

The whole thing seems to be a really shallow, pathetic overture to our military and the families who support them. I am trying to give them every benefit of a doubt, and trust me, with this administration that is a feat of superhuman willpower. I want to believe that in their hearts they thought they were doing a good thing, but I am not sure if I had lost a family member in the war that I would want them memorialized on a Christmas tree outside of a family setting. I have lost some friends and acquaintances over the last decade, but fortunately no direct family members; and before that I lost people who I had served with in places like Panama and Somalia, and I just can’t think of them being on display on a Christmas tree.

Feel free to draw your own opinions, but this whole thing just creeps me out.

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