Cop Killer Scuffles With CO’s at Rikers, Suffers “Mild Abrasion”

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 at 5:28 pm

The accompanying photo of this scumbag Lamont Pride was after one of his numerous arrests. I’d love to see what a mild abrasion looks like after fighting with corrections officers on the day of Peter Figoski’s funeral.

Lamont Pride, the man accused of fatally shooting a New York City police officer last week, got in a scuffle with correction officers at Rikers Island on Monday, the Department of Correction said.

In a statement issued late Monday, the department said that Mr. Pride was returning from a routine medical exam when he “refused to cooperate with a routine search.” It appeared, the statement said, that he elbowed an officer in the face, and when a second officer tried to intervene, Mr. Pride elbowed him as well. The officers then overpowered Mr. Pride, who received a mild abrasion on his face.

Mr. Pride was put in detention housing and is awaiting a disciplinary hearing, the statement said. The scuffle is under review.

Of course it’s under review.  Let’s accord Mr. Pride all due process. Heck, send MSNBC star Al Sharpton over to comfort him.

The commenters at the Times, naturally, largely seem to concur.

Might be eye opening to at least try to get a statement from the prosoner’s point of view.

Because clearly Mr. Pride  is trustworthy. Maybe we ought to get Eric Holder on the job as well to ensure his voting  rights are protected in the likely event Mr. Pride won’t face trial before next November.


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