Concern: Grossly Overexposed POTUS Risks Overexposure or Something

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 at 9:40 am

Gee, you think? It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even turn on a sporting event without this guy intruding on your leisure activities. We long for the days when presidents were seen only when they delivered Oval Office or State of the Union speeches. This guy? It’s as if he’s got an army of body doubles ready to appear wherever there’s a television camera. And if it’s not him it’s his wife managing our diets while shoveling cheeseburgers and fries down her throat at every opportunity.

Suddenly it seems President Obama is everywhere — again.

In the last week, the president has been making the rounds on the tube, appearing on” 60 Minutes” —his seventh sit-down on the CBS news program since taking office.

A day earlier, Obama didn’t just attend the Army-Navy game at FedEx Field, he stopped by the broadcast booth for an interview. And on Tuesday, television viewers in four swing state cities saw him in their living rooms once again when he participated in a string of interviews with local affiliates.

As the president revs up his reelection bid, the White House and the Obama campaign are tapping into various media outlets to engage voters on everything from foreign policy to the economy and beyond. Obama hit the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno earlier this fall. Then last month, he sat down with ESPN during the first ever Carrier Classic. And that’s before he appeared in a previously recorded Christmas special set to air Friday on TNT and an interview with Barbara Walters, which ABC will broadcast on Dec. 23rd.

There really is no escaping his intruding in our lives unless you avoid television entirely. Which may be the only alternative to seeing his face 24/7. Conversely, the more people see him the more they may be turned off. It’s quite the quandary.

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3 Responses to “Concern: Grossly Overexposed POTUS Risks Overexposure or Something”

  1. Susan on 16/16/11 at 11:26 am

    Next promotional marketing twist, Obama will be doing a full spread layout in Playgirl and a strip-tease Oscar appearance with Rosie O’Donnell.

    Topping it all off by going the Grammy award show and giving a kiss to Madonna’s latest boytoy.

    And the kool One will be a weener once again!

  2. YourMaster on 17/17/11 at 5:16 pm

    0bama sucks too much Arab cock…
    ….mark my words though, he is a one termer come 2012…
    unless the Dems have done something of noted worth
    to repeal Obamacare: Businesses are amassing people to vote for a republican canidate… and will fire unions or anyone employed caught supporting the Dems OWS protests.

    Dems have between now… up to the election to completely repeal 0bamacare….

    …..if they have not, guess what? high chance they will get a repeat of 2010 …with them losing a ton of seats.

    The Dems aren’t listening to the people…. they think they know what’s best for everyone and have just been using their power to increase government control and regulations.
    (the regulations are a job/business killer in the states… then they complain about Busineses using outside labor or going oversea’s because it’s cheaper there …cuz of their stupid laws…)

    0bama sure doesn’t seem to be working on job creation… if he wanted to create jobs he wouldn’t delay and hold off on the keystone pipeline agreement…. that creates 20,000 and an additional 1 million jobs over a year or 2.

    Anybody but 0bama will do for office…

    *lol* Dems are too stupid to repeal obamacare….
    ….that’s the main thing that’s going to cost them in 2012.