Charming Denver “Occupiers” Interrupt Vigil for Dead Homeless: “It’s Disgraceful”

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 at 8:55 am

These losers sure know how to win friends and influence people, don’t they? Seriously, can they be any more clueless?

A traditionally solemn annual memorial for people who died on Denver’s streets was disrupted by a loud Occupy Denver group Tuesday night.

After days of urging protesters to remove shanties from the Broadway sidewalk along Civic Center park, across the street from the site of Tuesday’s candlelight vigil, police in riot gear removed the shelters Monday night. Four people were arrested, including two on arson charges, alleging they set the shanties and other items ablaze as police approached.

Tuesday night, protesters shouted “fascist,” “criminal” and other slurs as Mayor Michael Hancock stepped forward to address the 22nd annual Homeless Persons’ Memorial Vigil on the steps of the City and County Building.

For about three minutes, the mayor pleaded with them to show civility to the families present and respect for the 136 men and women whose names were to be called, homeless people who died in the past year. The vigil’s organizers say the memorial is often the only public recognition those men and women’s deaths ever receive.

Others in the audience shouted back at the protesters with such replies as “show some respect” and “grow up.”

After a few minutes, Hancock surrendered the podium to allow the vigil to go on.

“This mayor evicted homeless people to die last night,” said a woman who refused to give her name but was prominent in shouting at police during Monday night’s clash with protesters. “He does not deserve to be heard or respected.”

No, they mayor doesn’t deserve to be heard. Just them. It’s all about them.

As the names of those who had died were called, many, if not all, of Occupy Denver’s members refused to say, “We will remember,” as the rest of the crowd did to honor the individual.

“It’s disgraceful,” said Cynthia Ingram, who had traveled from Buffalo, N.Y., for the event to honor a cousin on the list.

“This isn’t about their political agenda; it’s about our family, some sympathy and showing just a little bit of respect for the dead. I am so angry right now.”


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