Brave Zuccotti Re-Occupiers Flee Indoors From the Rain

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm

They’ve now decided to occupy an indoor atrium at 60 Wall Street, so I guess you could say they’re finally occupying Wall Street.  We’ve detected the mantra of the day, the now ubiquitous cry that “We are coming back stronger than ever.”

Uh, yeah, whatever. They forgot to come back with umbrellas. Now while this is a public space, I’m sure the security there isn’t going to take kindly to these losers just standing there for any period of time, but since they think they represent some vast majority, I’m sure they’ll peacefully provoke an incident just for fun.


About 70 protesters are standing out in the rain at Zuccotti and an equal number have taken over the public atrium at 60 Wall Street.Several groups have clustered around the tables, discussing plans for moving ahead.

“We are trying to regroup,” said Chris Reider, an organizer. “After having our property stolen and being put in jail we came in here to collect ourselves. We are coming back stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, some other goofball plans a Mobile Occupation, on a bus running on vegetable oil, naturally.
Charlie Gonzalez, 31, from Tottenville, Staten Island, is currently planning a “Mobile Occupation” beginning in New York City and stretching to Florida.Gonzez is looking for ten volunteers to make the trek in his green bus – a converted 1996 school bus that runs on vegetable oil.

“It’s all about sharing information. We will be stopping at eleven cities and want to be part of the evolution,” said Gonzalez.

The trip is still in its planning stages but will last a month, beginning shortly after Thanksgiving, according to Gonzalez.

Sure. Don’t forget to write, Chuckles.

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