Bloomberg: OWS Silliness “Just an Opportunity for a Bunch of Unions to Complain or to Protest, or Whatever They Want to Do”

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 at 1:03 pm

You’d think a savvy businessman like Mike Bloomberg would have figured this out a couple of months ago. Unfortunately for him, his acumen about most things outside of business is sorely lacking. If he had a clue like, say, his predecessor, what transpired yesterday would have mere fantasy in the minds of the animals who went wilding on the streets of New York.

At least he’s catching on.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is arguing that the several thousand protesters who marched over the Brooklyn Bridge Thursday don’t really represent Occupy Wall Street.

The mayor said in his weekly WOR Radio show Friday that “a vast percentage” of the marchers were union members who “had organized signs and leadership.”

Bloomberg said the protest “was just an opportunity for a bunch of unions to complain or to protest, or whatever they want to do.”

Uh, Mikey, which party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the unions?


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