Bizarro AP Story: Obama “On the Side of Business Interests and Social Conservatives”

Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Hard to believe a reporter is actually writing something so absurd. The most far left president in memory, as hostile as can be to business and conservatives, is going to be portrayed as friendly to both business and conservatives as his media cheerleaders work for his re-election?

C’mon, you cannot be serious.

On issues from air pollution to contraception, President Barack Obama has broken sharply with liberal activists and come down on the side of business interests and social conservatives as he moves more to the political middle for his re-election campaign.

So how’s he winning over social cons?

In the most recent example, Obama’s health secretary overruled scientists at the Food and Drug Administration to block sales of the morning-after contraceptive bill Plan B to girls under age 17 without a prescription.

Yes, well that only came after  national outrage. They planned to do it but only stepped back after the backlash. This gives him appeal with the right all of a sudden?

In September, Obama overruled scientific advisers at the Environmental Protection Agency and scrapped a clean-air regulation intended to reduce health-threatening smog. That angered environmentalists, but won praise from business leaders and even Republicans, who argued that the costs and potential job losses that could result from the proposal were too high.

That was another no-brainer, not exactly a shift to the right. The environmentalists will still vote for him and he knows useful idiots when he sees them.

But make no mistake, he’s not exactly going to be invited to the next CPAC, for crying out loud. The notion he’s on the side of social conservatives is just ridiculous and any reporter making that assertion is either clueless or on the Obama campaign payroll.

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