Bills WR Stevie Johnson Does “The Plaxico”

Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 at 7:39 pm

This came back to bite him in the ass, of course, as he dropped what could well have been a catch for the winning touchdown later in the game. Plus his 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration helped the Jets to a quick score afterward. Don’t ever credit these guys for being too bright, although some of the silliness after touchdowns is often amusing.

Stevie Johnson said it didn’t bring back memories of the Pittsburgh loss a year ago in Buffalo. But almost a year to the day (it was last Nov. 28) after he dropped a certain touchdown pass in overtime against the Steelers, the Bills’ top wide receiver found himself in front of the media Sunday afternoon, taking the blame for a devastating loss.

Johnson dropped a potential TD pass at the Jets’ 20-yard line with 35 seconds left in a 28-24 loss at MetLife Stadium. Late in the first half, he had been penalized for excessive celebration after a 5-yard touchdown catch. The Bills botched a squib kick from their 20 after the call, allowing the Jets to score a quick TD to tie the score at 14-14 just before halftime.

The celebration involved Johnson pretending to shoot himself in the thigh — an attempt to have fun at the expense of the Jets’ Plaxico Burress, who served time in prison for shooting himself in a New York nightclub.

Johnson stood at his locker after the loss, with about two dozen cameramen and reporters crowded around him, and answered questions:

Do you regret the celebration and mocking out Plaxico?

“Yeah, most definitely,” he said, “cause it hurt our team. I felt like I cost our team a win on that.”

Was it rehearsed?

“It was just a bad decision.”

I know it was a bad decision, but was it rehearsed?

“It was a bad decision, and it hurt our team. If it was rehearsed or not doesn’t really matter. That’s irrelevant.”

Do you have something personal with Burress?

“No, not at all. It was just a bad decision I made and it cost our team seven points, basically. At the end of the day, it cost our team seven points and …I’m going to have to apologize to everybody, talk to Coach. I can’t be doing that. I got to be more mature about the situations.”



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