Attorney General Holder Refuses to Apologize to Family of Dead Agent

Posted by on Nov 08, 2011 at 3:00 pm

In December of 2010 Border Agent Brian Terry was killed by Mexican drug cartel members using weapons supplied to them as a result of the ATF’s and by extension DOJ’s program now known as Fast and Furious. For those that don’t know it was a scheme whereby gun dealers along the southwestern border of the United States were forced to make gun sales to people no eligible to purchase those guns. Over 2,000 of those guns flooded across the Mexican border, all without the knowledge of the Mexicans and most have which to this day remain unaccounted for, all the while this administration was making the case for and continue to make the case for more restrictive gun laws in this country. When asked to apologize to the family of this agent today in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing he, Attorney General Eric Holder refused. Other then appearing very uncomfortable, and at one point I think he believed the family to be there judging by his squirming, he continues to take no responsibility for the actions of those under his charge.

This was not the only time during the hearing that Mr Holder got evasive, but until those clips are available we will have to settle for this one. I watched the entire session online via CSPAN and it was one of the most farsical scenes I have ever been a witness too.

To explain it just a little further, there was a panel made of Republican and Democrat senators, ostentatiously this hearing was to question Mr Holder about the Fast and Furious program. The Democrats shamed themselves to no end by not asking one single question related to Fast and Furious and instead heaped praise on Mr Holder and proceeded to ask questions about everything from Gitmo to cable access. Most Americans will never see that spectacle, but anybody who calls themselves a Democrat is greatly diminished as a person in the wake of this display of ineptitude.

I refer to Eric Holder’s defense to be a reprise of the Sgt Schultz denial made famous in the old sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, for those who miss the pop culture reference.

Hopefully more clips will be forth coming from the end of the hearing when Senator Grassely once again applied the heat but alas the Democrats managed to run out the clock preventing any real substantive news from coming out.

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