Angry Philly Mayor Rails Against “Occupiers”

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 at 10:35 am

After a reported rape Saturday, fed up Philadelphia Michael Nutter lashed out at the imbeciles “occupying” public space in his city and implied the end is near for the layabouts stinking up his town. Meanwhile, as if on cue, accused sexual harasser Jesse Jackson showed up to  support the miscreants.


IT’S TIME for Occupy Philly to occupy somewhere else, Mayor Nutter says.

Seriously, guys. He’s calling the cops.

Nothing against drum circles, but the 40-day urban camping session, which has already cost taxpayers more than $500,000 in police overtime and other expenses, is now threatening to derail a $50 million revitalization project at Dilworth Plaza.

That’s nearly 1,000 jobs that would put food on the table of the “99 percent” that Occupy Philly claims to represent.

Plus, the campsite is getting kind of nasty.

“There are public-health and public-safety concerns that have nothing to do with Wall Street and corporations,” Nutter said yesterday, showing a flash of anger when describing the increasingly radical protesters who are “purposely” blocking the construction project.

“The Dilworth Plaza project will not be conducted by some corporate entity,” Nutter said of the plan to turn the concrete plaza into a handicapped accessible green public space with a café and a fountain that could be used as a skating rink. “These are real men and women. Philadelphians, Pennsylvanians, who need jobs, who need to take care of their families, their 99 percent in their households.”

Then the clueless Jackson chimed in, completely lacking self-awareness.

“This Occupy zone reminds Philadelphia that there’s poverty. There’s pain,” Jackson said.

Indeed, 45 years of Great Society programs have brought us to this. Trillions spent, yet the pain remains the same. Play along, folks, I’m trying to rhyme like the Reverend.

Nutter did not set a deadline for dismantling tent city, but he’s clearly lost patience with the fractious local chapter of the anti-Wall Street movement that’s protesting corporate greed, poverty, racism, capitalism, lobbyists, unemployment, Republicans, Democrats, war, fracking, campaign-finance laws, police brutality and an ever-growing laundry list of mostly left-wing grievances.

The “dramatically deteriorating conditions” at the campsite on the west side of City Hall include an alleged rape over the weekend, unsanitary food distribution, graffiti, a tent fire, thefts and assaults, Nutter said. Public urination and defecation poses a “significant health threat,” even though portable toilets are available, he said.

“These conditions are intolerable,” he said.

Yes, it’s time to go. So the ball is in your court, occupiers. Go ahead, stay around and see what happens.

Asked what would happen if the protesters ignore the city’s demands, Nutter responded instantly with a terse answer that sounded a lot like a threat:

“They’ll find out.”

Here’s the mumbling moron Jackson. Sorry, but no subtitles were provided.

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