Angry Drunk Won’t Be Running for Mayor of NYC

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 at 5:14 pm

I was kind of hoping he’d make a run of it. Could you imagine the endless fun of a man who can’t even control his emotions on Twitter running for an important office? The meltdowns would have been high comedy.

The 2013 mayoral race just got a lot less fun.

Alec Baldwin claimed Wednesday he is abandoning his much-discussed plans to make a run for City Hall.

“I’ve lost my appetite,” Baldwin said on his weekly WNYC podcast.

The “30 Rock” star claimed the other mayoral candidates’ naked ambition turned him off — and he threw cold water on his plans to run in two years.

“They’re like a guy on a date that you can tell he just can’t wait to get his hand up your blouse before even the lights go out in the theater,” Baldwin said.

“They’re all just so horny for it,” he said.

I guess being a laughingstock helped quash that appetite, not to mention the daily dry heaving.
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