American Music Awards: Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 at 3:16 pm

Someone really wants attention. With your estranged husband in the audience, this is sure one way to get it.

She seemed to be trying to make someone jealous as she performed a kinky act that reached its climax when she stuck her famous rear in rapper Pitbull’s crotch.

Not only was she dressed in an extremely provocative ensemble which consisted of a sheer catsuit covered in crystals which showed plenty of flesh, but she also was more than happy to grind up against the performer.

Given that Pitbull was later to take to the stage with her estranged husband Marc Anthony her overtly sexual show could have been considered a little inappropriate.

 If her performance wasn’t enough to make even the most level headed ex jealous she also took to the stage with her new beau Casper, who danced next to her topless.



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