A Think Progress Remembrance of Pearl Harbor

Posted by on Dec 07, 2011 at 7:31 am

The tools from the Democratic Party-funded fever swamp Think Progress nostalgically recall Pearl Harbor by presenting us dire warning of the “climate Pearl Harbors” heading our way. Or at least what they claim is heading our way. Nothing like using the anniversary of one of America’s darkest days to push your insane global warming propaganda. And they wonder why these warmers are viewed with such contempt. This inane list was compiled awhile back, and believe it or not, they’re even more hysterical today.

No, things are going to have to get worse.  And it certainly will take more than one climate Pearl Harbor.  I fear it will take most of these happening over the span of a few years:

  1. Arctic goes [virtually] ice free before 2020. It would be a big, visible global shock.
  2. Rapid warming over next decade, as recent Nature and Science articles suggest is quite possible (posts here and here)
  3. Continued (unexpected) surge in methane
  4. A [multi-year] megadrought hitting the SW comparable to what has hit southern Australia.
  5. More superstorms, like Katrina.
  6. A heatwave as bad as Europe’s 2003 one [Russia’s in 2010 hitting the U.S. breadbasket].
  7. Something unpredicted but clearly linked to climate, like the bark beetle devastation.
  8. Accelerated mass loss in Greenland and/or Antarctica, perhaps with another huge ice shelf breaking off, but in any case coupled with another measurable rise in the rate of sea level rise.
  9. The Fifth Assessment Report (2012-2013) really spelling out what we face with no punches pulled.

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