$500K Spent On School Board Election?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 at 8:25 am

I had to read through this story about a North Carolina school board election to get to the bottom line of this story about how Democrats and Republicans combined spent $500,000 dollars to elect a Democrat to the school board. It didn’t make sense to me at first as to why Republicans would be spending money in what essentially amounts to a runoff election between two Democrats.

Recently school boards across the country have become the battleground in elections. In light of our failing education system, something residents of Georgia like me can attest to, where we have more school systems on some sort of probation, wide spread cheating by not only students but the teachers also, and failure of teachers to pass their own certification test, this story peaked my interest. What really got my attention is this tidbit buried near the end of the story.

Bear in mind that this whole campaign revolved around special interest groups upset over the scrapping of a busing plan recently by the Republican controlled school board.

When the old diversity plan was scrapped, it led to resignations by some district administrators and a chance for the GOP-led school board members to hire a new superintendent. They picked former Army general Tony Tata, who proved not to be the fire-breathing conservative some feared and delivered a new assignment plan that didn’t entirely dump diversity as a goal.

As a result, Hill and other Democratic-backed candidates said they don’t plan to scrap Tata’s new model and go back to the pre-2009 status quo, with its reliance on busing whether some parents wanted it or not.

So a campaign filled with all kinds of outside cash flowing in, the smearing of the candidates, and various left wing victim groups staging widespread protests resulted in the election of school board members who have said they won’t change anything, and contrary to the author’s little swipe at the Tea Party, it seems the people still elected board members that are listening to them and not the outside influencers.

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