“We Failed to Close the Stock Exchange, But We Took Back Our Park. That Was a Real Victory”

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The delusional attitude of these people is simply breathtaking. Everything they attempt results in colossal failure for the whole world to see, yet they continue to believe they’re actually accomplishing something.

They told us, and the media repeated, the canard there would be “tens of thousands” of protesters shutting down the NYSE. When they got their lunches handed to them and were herded back to the Zuccotti Zoo, they declare victory.

They claimed there would be strict non-violence and we witnessed an orgy of crime resulting in at least 177 arrests.


Here’s a face full of pavement, punk. How’s that victory taste right now?

On the upside, what we may call the tipping point, even the New York Times can no longer pretend anything about this anarchy is peaceful.

Nearly a thousand protesters took to the streets of Lower Manhattan on Thursday, clashing with the police and tossing aside metal barricades to converge again on Zuccotti Park after failing in an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange.

Organized weeks ago, the so-called day of action came two days after the police cleared the Occupy Wall Street encampment from Zuccotti Park in an early-morning raid. Removed from the park that had become their de facto headquarters, protesters looked to Thursday — two months to the day after the demonstrations began — to gauge the support and mettle that the movement still retained.

“We failed to close the stock exchange, but we took back our park,” said Adam Farooqui, 25, of Queens. “That was a real victory.”

By Thursday afternoon, about 175 people had been arrested, many after rough confrontations with the police.

They claimed they’d be peaceful and they lied. They claimed they’d take the stock exchange and they failed. Now they’re going after the Brooklyn Bridge, and they will fail again.

Then they’ll realize “our park” is no longer theirs when they return tonight after what’s sure to be more non-violent violence.

If this afternoon is any indicator, look for the criminal gang to ratchet up the violence.

The police said the hand of an officer was badly cut by a shard of glass wielded by a protester near Zuccotti Park. The police said that the injured officer would probably require 20 stitches and that the officer’s attacker was in custody.

Four other officers were being evaluated at a hospital for possible injuries after an acidic liquid of some sort was thrown at them.

Naturally, Mayor Nanny State empathized with the protesters, the same people who’d go Walking Dead on him if he wandered into their midst.

At a Midtown gathering of business leaders on Thursday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg indicated that he empathized with the demonstrators’ grievances, saying the protests were a dire sign of the public’s economic fears.

“The public is getting scared,” he said. “They don’t know what to do, and they’re going to strike out. They just know the system isn’t working, and they don’t want to wait around.”

So then it’s OK to tie up a major city because they don’t want to wait around. What they’re waiting around for we still don’t know, ironically.

The rest of us are  waiting around for November 2012, Mikey.

Meanwhile, a dunce actress was in attendance at Union Square. You’d think after shacking up with a criminal for a couple of years she’d be bright enough to keep a low profile, but she cares about education or something.


Follow that last link for the NYDN live coverage. Obama’s union goons have showed up near the Brooklyn Bridge as of around 6 pm.

Kerry Burke in Foley Square reports there are at least 3,000 people in the union-heavy crowd. The speakers are union speakers and the signs and banners are professional and printed.


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  1. Ozzy Osbourne on 17/17/11 at 7:31 pm

    Anne Hathaway???
    ANNE HATHWAY??????
    UBER 1% Anne Hathaway????

    Good Lord, the hypocrisy of this bunch is absolutely stunning.