London attacker named as Khalid Masood

A man who murdered three people before he was shot dead by police in yesterday’s London terror attack has been named as Khalid Masood. Today it was confirmed that he was born in the UK and it is strongly believed that he … Continued

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Bull gores 11-inch horn up matador’s butt

Shocking footage has emerged showing a matador being gored by a bull — and ending up with its horn up his backside. Antonio Romero was horrifically gored during a bout with the furious beast in Mexico City on Monday. The … Continued

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How Chuck Schumer is saving the Republican Party

As a conservative, I’m thrilled by the arrival of unified Republican government. But the politician I’m most grateful to in Washington today isn’t President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It’s Chuck Schumer. That’s because … Continued

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What are you smiling about? Teacher, 26, grins in her mugshot after she is arrested for ‘having sex with a 17-year-old student at her school’

A science teacher grinned from ear to ear as she posed for a mugshot after being arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a student. Sarah Fowlkes, 27, has been suspended from her job at Lockhart High School … Continued

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Two immigrant high school students who ‘raped a fourteen-year-old girl in a bathroom’ arrived in America just months ago from El Salvador and Guatemala

Two teens who were arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl at their high school had recently arrived from Central America, reports suggest. Police in Maryland arrested Jose Montano, 17, and Henry Sanchez, 18, after the young girl told school officials … Continued

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Yoga pants are destroying the Earth

Comfortable clothes are emerging as a source of plastic that’s increasingly ending up in the oceans and potentially contaminating seafood, according to Gulf Coast researchers launching a two-year study of microscopic plastics in the waters from south Texas to the … Continued



NBC fuming over Maddow’s Trump tax scoop

MSNBC’s big “Trump tax return” scoop has caused friction between the cable news network and parent NBC, according to insiders. “[MSNBC] announced it on Twitter, and [NBC] found out when [the general public] did,” said a source. [MSNBC president] Phil … Continued

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Feds knew blizzard forecast was exaggerated — but didn’t want to confuse us

They completely flaked us out. On the eve of Tuesday’s Winter Storm Stella, the National Weather Service got reports that its dire prediction of up to two feet of snow for New York City may have been exaggerated — but … Continued

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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts to recognizing someone in the crowd during a campaign stop at Rundlett Middle School in Concord, New Hampshire February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Adrees Latif      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Hillary Clinton’s team met with Russian ambassador, says Kremlin spokesman, as he warns against ‘hysteria’

Hillary Clinton’s team members met with the Russian ambassador during the election as well as Donald Trump’s, the Kremlin spokesman has alleged, as he set out to dismiss the “hysteria” surrounding Mr Trump’s links to Russia. The house intelligence committee … Continued


Moving beyond Trump-scandal stupidity

Another week, another “nothing burger” Trump scandal. This week, President Trump took to Twitter to accuse former President Obama of ordering him to be wiretapped at Trump Tower. That accusation, of course, had no evidence to support it. But instead … Continued

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Israeli Teenager Accused of Making Bomb Threats to Jewish Centers

The first person arrested for this stuff was a liberal journalist, a story that disappeared from the media radar in minutes. Now we have a Jewish teen accused of making bomb threats. Weird, all this time we’ve been told it’s … Continued


David Brock, founder of Correct the Record, speaks at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark., Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Brock is a former Clinton critic who has since spearheaded efforts to defend Bill and Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Media Matters Lowlife David Brock Has a Heart Attack

In related news, David Brock has a heart. David Brock, the self-described reformed right-wing hitman who reinvented himself as a leading operative on the political left, is recovering from a heart attack he suffered early Tuesday morning, according to a … Continued



London Terrorist Reportedly Notorious Islamic Radical Preacher Abu Izzadeen

Via La Stampa, an Italian publication, with an English translation: London falls back into the nightmare attacks. Twelve years after the attack by Islamic suicide bombers in the metro of the British capital and exactly one year from Brussels attacks, … Continued

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U.S. Banning Large Electronic Devices as Carry-On from Some Mideast Origins Based on Intel from Yemen Raid

Curious how this news isn’t being met with the typical shrieking hysteria from the left. Apparently Democrats have seen the intel and aren’t having conniptions. The Trump administration confirmed Tuesday it is imposing new restrictions on electronic devices carried by … Continued

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Former Presidential Candidate Triggered by ‘USA! USA!’ Chant at Trump Rally

What kind of idiot is upset that Americans take pride in their country? This fake Republican, that’s who. Tonight in Tennessee, Trump promotes the policies of white nationalism to chants of "USA! USA!" These are not the values of our … Continued

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Lefty Nutcase Harasses Spicer at Apple Store: ‘How does it feel to work for a fascist?’

Apparently the angry left now feels it’s OK to stalk and harass public officials while they’re out on a Sunday. Meanwhile, the media and Democratic Party encourages deranged people like this in an effort to get their 15 minutes of shame. … Continued



Empowering! Chicago Woman Murders Boyfriend By Forcing Him to Drink Bleach

Guess she got a head start for International Women’s Day. Style points for creativity here, girlfriend. A West Englewood woman has been charged with first-degree murder after she overpowered her boyfriend and forced him to drink bleach, authorities said Wednesday. … Continued



Illegal Alien Obama Dreamer Chops Off His Mother’s Head

It seems as if it’s a daily occurrence how these illegal aliens are showing up on the police blotter. Of course since this makes the left look bad, these stories are quickly buried. A North Carolina teen who made international … Continued


Russian Hackers Allegedly in Possession of Damaging Info Seeking Hush Money from Liberal Groups

Now why would so-called “progressive” groups be in possession of secretive information that they’d be subjected to blackmail? Russian hackers are targeting U.S. progressive groups in a new wave of attacks, scouring the organizations’ emails for embarrassing details and attempting … Continued



Russian Model Claims She was Detained at LAX on Suspicion of Being a Spy

We have a strong suspicion she was detained for reasons other than being a spy. A Russian model and TV presenter has claimed she was held at an airport in America on suspicion of being a spy. Former Playboy model … Continued

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