Boko Haram kidnaps scores more women in Nigeria

SCORES of women and children in northern Nigeria have been abducted by militants, only a day after the military declared a ceasefire with the Boko Haram Islamist group. As reports of the kidnappings emerged,fresh violence rocked the town of Azare … Continued

Source: The Australian


Dogs take down White House fence-jumper

The Secret Service has finally done something right. Agents and their dogs stopped a 23-year-old man who scaled the White House fence Wednesday, about a month after another trespasser managed to make it all the way inside the presidential mansion. … Continued


Canadian Parliament Hill attacked, soldier shot at National War Memorial in Ottawa

A man with a rifle shot a soldier standing guard at the War Memorial in downtown Ottawa, and witnesses said there were further shots fired in Centre Block on nearby Parliament Hill. It was not immediately known if there were … Continued


Source: Darren Wilson says Michael Brown kept charging at him

The second time Wilson pulled the trigger, the gun did fire. Wilson told investigators he thought the bullet had struck Brown in the hand, the source said. Broken window glass was everywhere, and blood was on the door, the gun … Continued

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Americans now see Ebola as a top national issue, behind the economy but tied with the Islamic State

For the first time, Ebola ranks among the top-10 issues Americans see as key issues for the country, according to a Gallup poll that puts the deadly virus behind topics like the economy, immigration and health care but tied with … Continued

Source: Washington Times


GOP bullish with two weeks to go

Two weeks from Election Day, GOP hopes of capturing congressional control continue to rise. “We are going to win the Senate. I feel very good about that,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Collins said last week. His optimism … Continued

Source: The Hill

Polls indicate Democrats will lose control of Senate

Polls indicate that Republicans likely will pick up the six seats they need to wrest control of the Senate. The GOP has a strong shot at winning in seven toss-up states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, New Hampshire and North … Continued

Source: NY Post


Hillary Clinton Flying Monkey Signs Deface Brentwood Ahead of L.A. Fundraiser

Guerrilla street artist SABO, who made headlines with his Gwyneth Paltrow“Obama Drone” poster, has struck again — this time ahead of Hillary Clinton‘supcoming Democratic fundraiser at Tavern restaurant in Brentwood. The Los Angeles artist early Friday hung signs depicting Wizard … Continued

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Kurdish fighters have ISIS on the run in war-torn Kobani

Score a round for the good guys. Kurdish fighters backed by US airstrikes waged ferocious street battles Wednesday that had ISIS militants on the run in the fiercely contested town of Kobani on the Syrian border. US warplanes launched 39 … Continued

Source: NY Post


The absurd claim that only Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research

On many levels, this line of attack is absurd. Obama’s Republican predecessor oversaw big increases in public-health sector spending, and both Democrats and Republicans in recent years have broadly supported efforts to rein in federal spending. Sequestration resulted from a bipartisan … Continued

Source: Washington Post


Shocker: ‘Recent Convert’ to Islam ‘a Devoted Muslim for Seven Years’

Well, we told you so and now it’s confirmed. We’d really love to know who came up with this “recent convert” nonsense reported far and wide in the wake of the terror attack in Canada. The gunman was born Michael Joseph … Continued


ISIS ‘Militants’ Now Using Banned Chemical Weapons Against Iraqis

Hard to fathom how these savages to ignore a piece of paper saying these weapons were banned. It’s almost as if the bad guys won’t follow the law. Isis militants have used chlorine gas against Iraqi security forces in multiple … Continued


Awesome: Canadian Parliament Gives Hero Kevin Vickers Extended Standing Ovation

This is a beautiful tribute to a true hero: Just imagine the emotions he’s going through the past 24 hours. What a man. Via Jim Hoft, who adds: Watching Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes us all in America long … Continued



Brutal: Obama Down to 46% Approval in Illinois, Women Abandon Him in Droves

The most hated man in America can’t even find love in his home state, where the incumbent Democrat governor is also in big trouble. Democrats are making a concerted effort to avoid the embarrassment of losing the governor’s mansion in … Continued


Canadian Jihadi Was Not a Recent Convert to Islam

Why is the media painting this psychopath as a “recent convert” to Islam? Although Canadian police have not released the name of the Ottawa shooter, on Wednesday afternoon U.S. sources leaked that the suspect’s name is Michael Zehaf Bibeau, a … Continued


Dead Canadian Terror Suspect ID’d as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau; Update: Reportedly Muslim Convert of Algerian Descent

Believed to be Canadian born. Tragedy and terror struck Canada’s capital city Wednesday as a gunman shot a soldier standing guard at the country’s National War Memorial before being killed later in a shootout, putting Ottawa’s downtown on lockdown and … Continued



It’s Come to This: Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz Runs Away From Obama

Jesus, she can barely even mention his name. JOE SCARBOROUGH: So should voters know that if they go out and vote for a Democratic candidate, they will be voting for a continuation of Barack Obama’s policies? DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Voters … Continued



Democrats Insist Decrepit Pelosi Isn’t Being Sent Out to Pasture Just Yet

Believe it or not the plan is to present two fresh faces to America in 2016: The septuagenarian Nancy Pelosi and the rapidly-aging, barely mobile Hillary Clinton. Yes, we’re ready for these two old farts. Democrats are staring at their … Continued


Deranged Wendy Davis Still Going With That ‘Greg Abbott is Against Interracial Marriage’ Schtick

Jesus, does this woman have any sane advisors? Candidates face tough questions in this election. Whether or not we should defend an interracial marriage ban isn't one of them. — Wendy Davis (@WendyDavisTexas) October 21, 2014 The ridicule ensued: You … Continued



Guess It’s Not Racist Now: Ebola Travel Restrictions Imposed

Obama must be reading some really terrible poll numbers. If it makes you feel any better they’ll be flying into Democrat strongholds. The Obama administration will require all travelers from countries affected by the Ebola epidemic to arrive at one … Continued