Christian Sniper: Theologian Bill Maher weighs in

What is it about “American Sniper” that is bringing out the inner theologian in its critics? The Right Rev. Bill Maher says Chris Kyle’s talk about hating the “damn savages” — i.e., the insurgents he fought in Iraq — “doesn’t … Continued

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‘Kill our pilot and we’ll execute ALL your prisoners': Jordan ‘says it will hang its ISIS captives’ if airman hostage is dead pilot hostage

Jordan has threatened to fast-track the execution of a would-be suicide bomber the Islamic State is trying to free if the terror group kills its captured pilot, it was reported today. The government has apparently warned that Sajida al-Rishawi and … Continued

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Ralph Peters: Obama Admin “Pressuring The Army To Whitewash” Bergdahl Fiasco

If you let Bergdahl walk — it’s not about this pathetic little creep, Bergdahl, it’s about the principle — if you let him walk with full pay and benefits and a promotion despite overwhelming evidence that he deserted his post … Continued

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Jordan ready to swap terrorist for pilot held by ISIS

Jordan said Wednesday it is willing to swap an Iraqi woman held on death row in Jordan for a Jordanian pilot captured in December by extremists from the Islamic State group. The statement by Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani made … Continued

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Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion, against Obama’s wishes

Former hostage Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, for allegedly leaving his base in eastern Afghanistan before he was captured and held for five years by the Taliban, according to broadcast reports. “The Army has come to its conclusion, … Continued

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Phone Company ‘Outraged’ By Fraud, Abuse In ‘Obamaphone’ Program

A nationwide cellphone company distributing phones and cellphone plans in Denver as part of a massive government program says it is “outraged by the unacceptable actions” uncovered by a CBS4 undercover investigation. The response from Total Call Mobile comes nearly … Continued

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White House Chief of Staff accidentally names female hostage held by ISIS for last 18 months

The White House chief of staff accidentally named an American woman who is being held hostage by ISIS militants on live TV. Denis McDonough revealed the first name of the 26-year-old aid worker, whose identity has been kept from public … Continued

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German court rules that men can urinate while standing

A court in Germany has ruled in favour of a man’s right to urinate while standing up after his landlord demanded money for damage to the bathroom floor. The landlord, who was seeking €1,900 (£1400; $2,200), claimed the marble floor … Continued

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Sheldon Silver,Andrew Cuomo

Everyone knew about Sheldon Silver’s corruption charges

The Empire State’s capital is corrupt to the core, and has been for a very long time. Virtually nothing happens there that isn’t driven by self-dealing. It is a cesspool unworthy of respect or trust and now stands naked in … Continued

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Justice Dept moving to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights charges

Federal authorities will not seek civil-rights charges against the Missouri cop who gunned down unarmed black teen Michael Brown, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday. Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson had already dodged state indictments in St. Louis County before the … Continued

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Three Most Loathsome Americans Spotted Together

This is actual news, folks. Obama signed the picture with the inscription, “Thanks for the support and best wishes to your lovely daughter.” The reality television star and West have a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, North. Michelle Obama said in a 2011 … Continued

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Bombshell: Jeb Bush Smoked Marijuana in High School

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was King of the Choom Gang and ate a dog. Oddly, none of that behavior was a disqualifier for higher office. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said in the 1990s that he smoked marijuana while he … Continued


Bumbling Biden: “The past six years have been really, really hard for this country”

Gee, if only there was someone held accountable for the hard times we’ve endured. Maybe after eight years of misery he can run for president to help fix things. Speaking to House Democrats at their retreat in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe … Continued


Important Tip for Ladies From Gwyneth Paltrow: Steam Clean Your Vagina

How did centuries of women get by without health tips from witless Hollywood boobs? Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to steam clean your vagina — but health experts think her latest lifestyle advice full of hot air. On her GOOP website, … Continued



Huffington Post Author Barack Obama Tells Democrats: “Get informed, not by reading The Huffington Post”

Such gratitude from the most classless man in America. President Obama on Thursday asked wary House Democrats to hold their fire while the administration negotiates several trade deals opposed by scores of liberal lawmakers. “Keep your powder a little dry,” he told … Continued

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Thanks, Obama! Terrorist Freed From Gitmo for Bergdahl Returns to ‘Militant Activities’

Gee, who could have possibly seen this coming? The U.S. military and intelligence community now suspect that one of the five Taliban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in May of last year has attempted … Continued


Cavemen Saudis Want to Hold Men-Only Olympics

Rushing headfirst into the 8th Century. We imagine headchopping may now become an Olympic sport. Saudi Arabia has proposed holding a gender-segregated Olympic Games. In comments made by Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud – a consultant to the Saudi Olympic … Continued

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Muslims Freak Out Over Paris Islamic Prayer Rug Art Show, Display Pulled in Fear

We’re so old we can remember Parisians showing solidarity that they would not be cowed by threats of Islamist violence. Almost makes one nostalgic for early January. An art installation showing high heels on Islamic prayer rugs was pulled from … Continued



Denver Police Searching for Robbery Suspect Known as ‘Baby Obama’

If Obama had a criminal son, he might look like Baby Obama. Police are looking for a 21-year-old man who goes by the moniker “Baby Obama” who may have been involved in an aggravated robbery that happened last month. The … Continued


Deranged Lefties Want Boehner Tried for Treason for Inviting Netanyahu to Speak to Congress

Sure, we can take these people seriously. This possible charge is complicated and yet exceedingly simple. Netanyahu will not be offering Republicans any form of a cash donation, but the law stipulates any contribution of a ‘thing of value‘ is … Continued