FBI chief McCabe faces three separate federal inquiries into his behavior

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a central player in the Russia election case, is the focus of three separate federal administrative inquiries into allegations about his behavior as a senior bureau executive, according to documents and interviews. The allegations being … Continued

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The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting

In the sixth month of Donald Trump’s presidency, we are witnessing an unprecedented meltdown of much of the media. Standards have been tossed overboard in a frenzy to bring down the president. Trump, like all presidents, deserves coverage that is … Continued

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Despite tweet, McCaskill attended reception at Russian ambassador’s home

In March, Sen. Claire McCaskill was unambiguous. The Missouri Democrat said she never once met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in her 10 years serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee. “No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever,” McCaskill tweeted. … Continued

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White House says Syria may be preparing chemical attack, warns of ‘heavy’ consequences

The White House accused the Syrian government Monday of preparing for another chemical attack against their own people — and threatened a “heavy price” if they went through with an atrocity. A statement from the office of the press secretary … Continued

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Why Bernie Sanders needs a lawyer

Don’t make too much of the news that Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife Jill have lawyered up: It’s just what you have to do when you’re facing an FBI investigation. That is, retaining private counsel is obligatory even if … Continued

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Next up: a special counsel to probe Team Obama’s obstruction of justice

By using fired FBI Director James Comey to attack the new Republican administration, Democrats have opened up a legal can of worms for the Obama administration. Under sworn questioning, Comey has veered off the topic of President Trump and Russia … Continued

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What Democrats can learn from spending $30M on a House race — and losing

Before we go overboard analyzing the meaning of the narrow special-election victory of a Republican in a Republican district, we should remember how it came to be that a Democrat named Jon Ossoff managed to raise and spend more than … Continued

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NFL’s Kaepernick Compares Cops to Fugitive Slave Patrols

NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick has compared police officers to fugitive slave patrolmen after a Minnesota cop was acquitted of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a black motorist. Kaepernick, who famously protested police brutality by refusing to stand during the national … Continued

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Political death threats becoming new, unsettling normal

It was heartening to see members of Congress from both parties echo calls for unity following Wednesday’s attempted massacre. Putting aside their habitual rancor, Democrats and Republicans joined together to emphasize that violence has no place in our politics. There … Continued

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‘I saw a child in flames leaping from the window’: Eyewitnesses reveal horror of terrified residents trying to escape from inside the London tower block inferno

A resident claims he saw a ‘child on fire’ jump from the 22nd floor of the Grenfell Tower block in west London as the blaze took hold. The unnamed man said: ‘The fire started happening on third floor, we called … Continued

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CNN’s Van Jones: Russia’s a “Nothing Burger”

Another another, another nuclear detonation on CNN’s credibility, or whatever’s left of it. Meanwhile, CNN clown Brian Stelter is losing his mind on Twitter: Millions of people are exposed to extreme anti-journalism views daily. Example: memes equating journalists to terrorists. … Continued

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CNN Producer on Trump-Russia Silliness: “It’s Mostly Bullsh-t Right Now”

Thanks for admitting what most sane people already know, pal. We have a strong hunch the leaders in fake news won’t be reporting this: Meanwhile, three CNN “journalists” have been fired for making up fake Trump-Russia stories. Isn’t it time … Continued

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Love Trumps Hate: Nikki Haley Heckled at NYC Restaurant During Gay Pride Parade

The gay community may have been celebrating gay pride Sunday, but all around the nation they were consumed by rage and anger because they can’t handle losing elections and are consumed with intolerance. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki … Continued



Fake News Network CNN May Actually Implement Journalistic Standards on Bogus Trump-Russia Stories

After over six months of nonstop fake news stories about the president, the former news network CNN, now an industry joke, will have top executives sign off on future fake news stories about Donald Trump. CNN is reportedly implementing strict … Continued



Deep Bench: Disgraced Eric Holder Mulling 2020 Run

We’re sure the media will be all over his gun-running fiasco and how that disqualifies him from running for higher office. More than two years after leaving the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder is reentering the political fray. … Continued


‘Terminate The Republican Party’ Page Still Exists on Facebook

The liberal shooter from the Alexandia attack on Republicans belonged to this group. Why is Facebook promoting mass murder of Republicans? Let’s face it, the left wants you dead, and this does nothing to dissuade that fact. Oh really? A … Continued

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Flashback: Psycho Liberal Shooter Hodgkinson was Basically a Mainstream Democrat

If you think this maniac was some sort of kook fringe extremist, see if you can differentiate his rhetoric from any other Democrat. James Hodgkinson, the shooter who critically injured Majority House Whip Steve Scalise at a Virginia ballpark on … Continued

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Bernie Sanders Volunteer Identified as Scalise Shooter

While the angry left rejoices at the shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise this morning, it’s now known the violent liberal shooter was a Bernie Sanders volunteer. Charles Orear, 50, a restaurant manager from St. Louis, said in an interview Wednesday … Continued


GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, Staffers Shot During Congressional Baseball Practice; Shooter Dead

What the heck is going on? This is just breaking minutes ago: CONGRESSMAN SHOT: House Majority Whip Congressman @SteveScalise, aides shot at baseball practice in Virginia, Fox News confirms. pic.twitter.com/Q9mPa34xGK — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 14, 2017 Breaking news, shooting … Continued



Report: Two Lawyers Hired by Robert Mueller Were Max Donors to Hillary Clinton in 2016

Surprisingly, this is from CNN. Perhaps they’re trying to goad President Trump into firing him. Three members of the legal team known to have been hired so far by special counsel Robert Mueller to handle the Russia investigation have given … Continued

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