ASIO and hundreds of police raid Sydney and Brisbane homes in biggest counter-terrorism raid in Australia’s history

POLICE say co-ordinated raids on homes across Brisbane’s south and in Sydney this morning were in response to threats of random attacks on members of the public, including the possible beheading of a random member of the public on a … Continued

Source: Courier-Mail

Barack Obama

Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity

The Obama administration quietly has been forcing new gun buyers to declare their race and ethnicity, a policy change that critics say provides little law enforcement value while creating the risk of privacy intrusions and racial profiling. With little fanfare, the Bureau … Continued

Source: Washington Times


Vikings place Peterson on exempt list, keeping him off team

The Vikings announced early Wednesday morning they have placed running back Adrian Peterson on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list, which will keep him away from the team while the legal process involving his child abuse case plays out. The decision was rendered after … Continued

Source: Star Tribune

Isil want to assassinate the Pope, says Iraq’s ambassador to Vatican

Pope Francis is at risk of an assassination attempt by the Islamic extremists of Isil, the Vatican has been warned, ahead of his first visit to a Muslim-majority country this weekend. As the 77-year-old pontiff prepares to travel to Albania … Continued

Source: Telegraph


HIV-positive music teacher ‘used gay dating app Grindr to have unprotected sex with 15-year-old boy’

An HIV-positive music teacher used gay hookup app Grindr to meet a 15-year-old boy who he used for unprotected sex. Roger ‘Joe’ Kessler, 43, was charged with sexual assault after he was caught sneaking out of the home of the teenager … Continued

Source: Daily Mail

Texas Sheriff: Reports Warn Of ISIS Terrorist Cells Coming Across The Border

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said that law enforcement agencies along the “wide open” border have received alerts to be on the lookout for terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria crossing into the United States. Painter, who … Continued

Source: CBS Houston

NY Democrats seek citizen rights for illegal immigrants

Illegal aliens in New York could score billions in Medicaid and college-tuition money — along with driver’s licenses, voting rights and even the ability to run for office — if Democrats win control of the state Senate in November, the … Continued

Source: NY Post


Obama’s Betrayal of the Constitution

 PRESIDENT OBAMA’s declaration of waragainst the terrorist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria marks a decisive break in the American constitutional tradition. Nothing attempted by his predecessor, George W. Bush, remotely compares in imperial hubris. Mr. Bush gained explicit congressional … Continued

Source: NY Times

D.C. Public Schools homework assignment asks 6th graders to compare Bush to Hitler

A D.C. public school gave a sixth grade class a homework assignment that required students to draw comparisons between former President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler. The assignment was given out this week at McKinley Tech Middle School in Northeast and has angered at … Continued

Source: Washington Times


Gun-wielding teen girls from Europe join ISIS

 A pair of gun-wielding teenage girls from Austria are believed to have answered the call to jihad in Syria — and may be inspiring others to do the same. They were caught when the mother of a third friend who was … Continued

Source: NY Post


Fourteen ISIS Terrorists Die in Workplace Accident Trying to Load Chlorine Gas Into Rocket

Chlorine gas, huh? Gee, we wonder where that may have come from? At least 14 members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group were killed Tuesday near Baghdad when a rocket whose warhead they were filling with chlorine gas exploded. … Continued

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New Zealand Jihadi In Syria Having Regrets After Burning His Passport

All you can do is point and laugh at this moron. Then hope a drone strike puts him out of his misery. A Kiwi jihadist who has links with al Qaeda and has taken up arms in Syria wants to … Continued

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More Good NFL News: Reggie Bush Plans to ‘Harshly’ Discipline His Daughter ‘Depending on What the Situation Is’

Well, he’s not doling out the harsh punishment yet, since his daughter is only a year old. But she’s better not get out of line or she’s got a beating to look forward to. Reggie Bush is rushing to the … Continued



Joint Chiefs Chair: ISIS Has ‘Grievances’ That Need to Be Addressed

We’re in the very best of hands. “The nature of the threat is such that, as I mentioned, it will only be defeated when moderate Arab and Muslim populations in the region reject it. And therefore, the way forward seems … Continued


Boots on the Ground: Obama Sacrifices 3,000 Troops to Fight a Virus

Forget about having a plan to fight ISIS. Obama’s more interested in sending American troops to Africa because apparently he believes they’re better served being at risk to Ebola. Administration officials said Monday that the new initiatives aim to: — … Continued



Venezuela Facing Chronic Shortage of Breast Implants: ‘The Women are Complaining’

Sorry, ladies, but we blame communism. Maybe if enough of you speak up you could help fix the shithole country you’re living in. Venezuela’s chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job. Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans face … Continued



Desperate Democrat Breaks Out the Guns in New Ad, Runs From Obama

She apparently wants you to believe she has nothing to do with the head of her party. Guy named Obama. Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes goes skeet shooting to show her independence from President Obama in her newest … Continued



As Part of Sharia Crackdown in Syria, ISIS Now Covering Up Goat Genitalia

The temptation must be too much for some jihadis. The northern Syrian city of Raqqa is at the centre of an intelligence gathering operation to find Jihadi John. Dubbed the ‘heart of evil’ by Special Forces, it is effectively capital … Continued



Democrat Fossil James Clyburn Say Sexting is a ‘Great Tool’ for Organizing Voters

To be fair we doubt this clown even knows how to text but considering he’s a member of the party of perversion, who knows. Rep. James Clyburn is praising “sexting,” — that is, using one’s phone to send NSFW messages … Continued


Russia Warns U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Would Be ‘Gross Violation’ of International Law

No doubt the UN will nod in agreement. Russia has warned that US air strikes against militants in Syria would be a “gross violation” of international law. A Russian foreign ministry spokesman said any such action, without the backing of … Continued