Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacts as she is introduced before speaking at a campaign event for U.S. Senator Kay Hagan in Charlotte

Email bombshells from Hillary’s secret account show she didn’t know when cabinet meetings were held, was dumbfounded by a fax machine and emailed aides to fetch her iced tea

Hillary Clinton’s emails have been a subject of partisan finger-pointing and hand-wringing since the revelation in April that she had used a private home-brew server to store her messages during the four years she was secretary of state. On Tuesday … Continued

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Arab allies looking anywhere but to America for friendship

As America and partnering world powers toil in Vienna to turn Iran into their BFF, our traditional, now jilted, Arab allies are looking for love in all the wrong places. Can you blame them, though? Fearing the rise of a … Continued

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‘Progress’ Needs Enemies

It didn’t take long for the backlash to emerge after the Supreme Court handed downObergefell v. Hodges. From opponents of same-sex marriage one heard the usual empty talk about constitutional amendments and civil disobedience. The fiercer—and uglier—backlash came from the … Continued

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Escaped killer tells all, throws Shaw-skank under the bus

Captured killer David Sweat gave cops a blow-by-blow of his escape and time on the run with fellow fugitive Richard Matt — revealing that their original plan was to flee to Mexico with the help of Shaw-skank prison worker Joyce … Continued

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Liberals are still getting the South all wrong

The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins glibly asserts that “the Confederate battle flag is an American swastika, the relic of traitors and totalitarians, symbol of a brutal regime, not a republic.” If it were left to me, I’d take the flag … Continued

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‘Clinton Cash’ author demolishes Hillary’s self-defense

Does she honestly expect Americans to believe she was simply unaware that the deal was even under consideration in her own State Department? Moreover, is that really the leadership statement she wants front and center heading into a presidential campaign? … Continued

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‘I’d rather retire than walk a dangerous beat for de Blasio’

Mayor de Blasio’s Summer All Out program is turning into an all-out fiasco — with the NYPD forced to dole out massive overtime and cops choosing to retire rather than take part, The Post has learned. Hizzoner’s highly touted anti-crime … Continued

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Obama uses N-word while arguing US is not ‘cured’ of racism

President Obama is warning that America is not “cured” of racism in the wake of a shooting in a historically black church in South Carolina, driving home his point by evoking a racial slur to argue that attitudes on slurs … Continued

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Dylann Roof ‘kind of went over the edge’ when love interest who spurned him chose African-American guy

Racist mass murder suspect Dylann Roof began his hate-fueled descent when he lost at love, according to a report. The 21-year-old white bigot who confessed to gunning down nine African-American parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., … Continued


Jordan Spieth wins US Open after Dustin Johnson’s meltdown

Cue the Grand Slam chatter, break out the record books and let the Tiger Woods comparisons commence. Jordan Spieth — already with a Masters green jacket in his closet — will go to the British Open at St. Andrews next … Continued



New Google App Labeled Black People as ‘Gorillas’

In light of today’s ultra-sensitivity to race, we need to ban Google. Google has apologized after its new Photos application identified black people as “gorillas.” On Sunday Brooklyn programmer Jacky Alciné tweeted a screenshot of photos he had uploaded in … Continued



Pure Hill-arity: Befuddled Grandmother Has No Clue How to Work a Fax Machine

Sure, let’s give this clueless, brain-damaged woman the nuclear codes. What could possibly go wrong? In 2008, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign hinged on the notion of the 3am phone call. The telephone in the Oval Office rings in the middle … Continued



Good News: Failed President ‘Sharpens His Message on Race’

Because what America is thirsting for is more racial tensions enabled by this clown. President Obama is taking a more aggressive approach to the issue of race, repeatedly offering sharp commentary as he confronts America’s oldest, deepest divide. Black lawmakers, … Continued


In a Nod to Equality, ISIS Now Beheading Women

Well, they’ve bee stoning gays and tossing them off buildings for months now, so it’s about time they got around to treating women the same way. Still, we’ve got more important things to worry about, like Democrat Confederate flags. The hardline … Continued

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Gay Marriage Supporters Handle SCOTUS Decision With Class and Dignity

Hard to see this one coming. We’re sure it’s just a small minority acting like complete assholes. Morning Glory Diner’s ‘Scalia is a Douche’ breakfast special sells out in record time http://t.co/mit8Sk8McX pic.twitter.com/ux4onY7e41 — Billy Penn (@billy_penn) June 28, 2015 … Continued



BBC May Stop Using ‘Islamic State’ Since It Offends Muslims, or Something

These vicious savages call themselves the Islamic State, so what’s a politically correct broadcaster to do? Why, call them something else so nobody is offended. You see, a name is worse that a campaign of headchoppings, burning people alive and drowning … Continued


Youtube video still showing Christ Bearer -- aka Andre Johnson a Wu-Tang Clan affilliated rapper.

Rapper Glad He Cut His Penis Off: ‘I might’ve made the biggest mistake ever in history. But I’m proud of that’

Nobody ever said these clowns were Mensa candidates. Sleep really is important. Just ask Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson, the rapper who chopped off his penis due to a lack of shut-eye last year. Well, exhaustion and a whole lot of … Continued



Barack ‘Get in Their Faces’ Obama Can’t Handle Being Heckled by Transgender Illegal in ‘His’ House

The poor thing can dish it out but can’t take it. He also told this person they were in “his” house. Weird, always thought the White House belong to all Americans? President Obama shut down a heckler who tried to … Continued


Tennessee Democrat Wants to Remove Bust of Democrat KKK Founder from Statehouse

So Democrats are finally getting around to cleaning up their ugly history of racism. Fine with us. Tennessee officials are pushing to get statues of a Confederate general turned founding KKK leader known for singling out black Union soldiers for … Continued


epa04459892 Former US Secretary of State and Senator from New York  Hillary Clinton attends a campaign rally for  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul  in New York, New York, USA, 23 October 2014. The US will be holding midterm election on 04 November 2014.  EPA/ANDREW GOMBERT

“Finding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real”

Poor little flowers. It’s always so disappointing to find out your heroes are frauds. A former Hillary Clinton campaign fellow is accusing the Democratic frontrunner of hypocrisy for relying on unpaid interns and fellows while publicly calling to for increased … Continued