Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike

The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their … Continued

Source: Israel National News

Democrats pledge to boycott Netanyahu’s address to Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington Sunday evening for his controversial address to Congress, which will be boycotted by dozens of Democratic lawmakers — including two from New York. Scandal-scarred Manhattan Rep. Charles Rangel and Queens Rep. Gregory … Continued

Source: NY Post

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary’s presidential chances threatened by her own blundering

A popular theme on Planet Clinton is that poor Hillary is always in mortal danger of being undone by her charming cad of a hubby. “She can’t control him” is how insiders express their fear that Bubba will have a … Continued


Barack Obama

Obama keeps blinking in the fight on the Islamic State

For weeks, there was much talk in Baghdad about an impending campaign to liberate Mosul after months of ordeal under jihadi occupation. Iraqi hopes of success in regaining control of the nation’s No. 3 city rose after Islamic State forces … Continued

Source: NY Post


Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.

The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday. Most of the contributions … Continued

Source: Washington Post


Scott Walker drives media to madness

As a member of the political press, I have to say, the media’s recent attempts at exposing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as an unsuitable presidential candidate have been nothing short of embarrassing. If you were dropped into America from Mars … Continued

Source: NYDN


Obama’s nuclear vow to Iran a potential catrastrophe

It is impossible to overstate the potential catastrophe of the emerging deal. If the terms reported by The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and others become final, it would mean the United States and leading UN powers give their … Continued

Source: NY Post

Climate Clown Pachauri Steps Down Amid Sexual Harrassment Allegations

he head of the United Nations climate change panel (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, has stepped down amid sexual harassment allegations. A spokesman for Mr Pachauri told the IPCC that he had resigned from his position with immediate effect. Indian police are … Continued

Source: BBC


Just Like His Presidency: India Officials Say Tree Obama Planted Isn’t Dead, Just Looks Dead

Officials in India want to make one thing clear: The tree that President Barack Obama planted in New Delhi three weeks ago is not dead. It just looks dead. The peepal tree was awash in leaves when Obama planted it … Continued

Source: CBS Washington

ISIS could become the pirates of the Mediterranean and bring havoc to European waters after taking coastal towns in Libya, officials warn

Militias loyal to ISIS could bring Somalia-style piracy to the Mediterranean, officials fear. Two centuries after the brutal Berber pirates were cowered into submission, the threat of maritime terror in the Med is once again looming from North Africa. Fighters … Continued

Source: Daily Mail


Good News: Sheldon Silver’s Replacement Accepted Cash from Convicted Mobster

Good thing New York Democrats did a good job vetting the replacement for the criminal Sheldon Silver. Oh, wait. The state’s newly minted Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie, accepted cash from a mobster convicted of racketeering and steered thousands more to … Continued


AIPAC 2015

Code Pink Clowns Protest Netanyahu in DC, Raise Hezbollah Flag

Such a charming bunch. Anti-Israel protesters donned Benjamin Netanyahu masks and smeared their hands with fake blood for a Sunday sit-in against the Israeli prime minister in Washington. Activists led by the radical CODEPINK group demonstrated outside the the pro-Israel … Continued


Apple Boss Tim Cook on Terrorists: “These people shouldn’t exist. They should be eliminated”

Sounds like a plan. Better than anything the quisling in the White House has come up with. But what about the threat of terrorism? Wouldn’t retaining privacy help those who seek to butcher us, such as the monster formerly known … Continued


What Could Go Wrong? Cuomo Administration Begins Large-Scale Email Purges: “This is potentially obstruction of justice”

Sure, this seems legit. The Cuomo administration has now fully implemented a policy of automatically deleting emails of rank-and-file state workers that are more than three months old, resulting in an effective purge of thousands of messages in recent days. … Continued

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Runs in the Family: Jihadi John’s Sister Made Film About Hooded Serial Killer

We’re sure she had no knowledge at all that her brother happens to be a psychopathic murderer. For some reason the Daily Mail pixellates her photo. We say she and her family are fair game. Jihadi John’s younger sister produced … Continued


Al-Jazeera ‘Journalists’ Arrested For Flying Drones in Paris

Probably just doing some reconnaissance for their terrorist pals. French police arrested three al-Jazeera TV journalists on Wednesday for allegedly flying drones from a park on the edge of Paris, law enforcement sources said. The arrests follow a series of … Continued


Three Random Folks from Brooklyn Plotted to Travel to Syria to Join ISIS, Attack NYC If They Failed; One Indicated Desire to Kill Obama

Just some random folks who probably couldn’t find jobs. No mention of the words “Islamic” or “Muslim” in the story, so don’t go jumping to any conclusions. Three Brooklyn men who allegedly planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS were taken … Continued

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Keep Whining, Bitches: Sniveling IRS Clown Says Budget Cuts are Stopping Them from Catching Tax Cheats

These people really have a brass set, huh? They deliberately targeted Americans citizens and groups because of their political beliefs and we’re expected to have sympathy for them? Fuck you. We don’t believe people should cheat on their taxes, but … Continued


Thanks, Media: Donations to NRA Increased After Newtown Shootings

They really have no idea how donations to the nation’s leading gun group could have increased post-Newtown. All they need to do is go back and look at their slanderous coverage following the isolated incident. Donations to the National Rifle … Continued



History’s Greatest Monster: A Scott Walker Presidency ‘Would Be a Disaster’

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has won three statewide elections in a blue state, has so freaked out the leftist media it’s a wonder if some of them will even make it to the day he declares his candidacy for … Continued