Teacher allegedly had sex with student after steamy Snapchats

A Texas high school algebra teacher called off her wedding this month after she was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student — who apparently started the fling by inviting her to steamy Snapchat sessions. Alaina Ferguson, 23, … Continued

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Trump to nominate Carson as HUD secretary

President-elect Donald Trump announced Monday he has chosen former campaign 2016 rival Ben Carson to become secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Trump said in his statement that he was “thrilled to nominate Carson,” adding that he … Continued

Source: Fox News

The war on ‘fake news’ is all about censoring real news

Scrambling for an explanation for Donald Trump’s victory, many in the media and on the left have settled on the idea that his supporters were consumers of “fake news” — gullible rubes living in an alternate reality made Trump president. … Continued

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BuzzFeed’s hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines is dangerous

I’m currently planning my wedding, and I’ve never been happier. I believe God brought me and Andy together and that God celebrates our love. I also believe that our marriage will offer a powerful testimony to skeptics that queer love … Continued

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Trump already winning — and he’s not even president yet

Donald Trump has come a long way from the “disarray” and “chaos” the media claimed to spy before his transition even got started. Such a long way that it’s fair to say that Trump is having just about the best … Continued


The left’s lunatic ‘hate’ hysteria

Just because President-elect Donald Trump has unequivocally disavowed and condemned white nationalists and alt-right types who cheered his victory, don’t expect the left and its media allies to end their hysteria about the orgy of “hate” they claim is sweeping … Continued

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Black Lives Matter Salutes Fidel Castro, is ‘Grateful’ He Harbored an FBI Most Wanted Terrorist

The Black Lives Matter movement has come out in support of Fidel Castro, following his death on Friday, saying they must “come to the defense of El Comandante” and thanking him for safeguarding Assata Shakur, who’s on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. The movement penned … Continued

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Nikki Haley accepts position of UN ambassador

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has chosen South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a daughter of immigrants from India who has little international experience, to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, The Post and Courier newspaper and other media reported on … Continued

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Once-conjoined twins see each other for the first time

These two tots may still be swaddled in hospital bandages — but they’re getting a fresh chance at a normal life. In the first pictures released after their separation, formerly-conjoined towns Anias and Jadon McDonald stared at each in the … Continued

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Trump’s supposed ‘Muslim registry’ is just more fake news

The first thing to know about Donald Trump’s alleged proposal for a Muslim registry is that it isn’t a Muslim registry. This has been lost in a freakout that has some brave souls already promising acts of civil disobedience to … Continued

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Fake News Leader CNN: Trump Will Put Muslims in ‘Internment Camps’ or Something

Just disgraceful. Who do they think Donald Trump is, Democrat icon FDR? The idea a so-called “news” network would run this garbage is just beyond the pale. Monday’s New Day on CNN ran a pre-recorded report by correspondent Kyung Lah … Continued

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Oh Look, That SPLC Survey on Post-Election ‘Hate Crimes’ Left Out 2,000 Committed Against White Students

How else are you going to create the fake news narrative that a wave of so-called “hate crimes” was sweeping the nation? For one, just make things up, as the SPLC is famous for doing. Two, ignore all the actual … Continued

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So Is This Why Justin Trudeau Slobbered Over Castro?

Could it be daddy issues? The resemblance is remarkable. We’re just asking questions here, folks. The Prime Minister was slammed for ignoring Castro’s many human rights abuses describing the communist as a “remarkable” and “larger than life leader”. In his … Continued



Kook Fringe Conspiracy Theorists: Election Was Hacked and Hillary Won or Something!

By kook fringe conspiracy theorists we mean esteemed Hollywood actors, award-winning New York Times columnists, CNN, and so-called computer science experts and lawyers. We should listen to Paul Krugman, because he’s never been wrong before about anything. OK, this is … Continued



Gay Trump Supporter Gunned Down in Cold Blood, Media Yawns

Weird how the media largely ignores certain facts about slain San Antonio police detective Ben Marconi. With the wave of bogus “hate crimes” the media’s been inundating us with, isn’t it worth mentioning this detective was a gay Trump supporter? … Continued

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Obama in October: Trump’s Rigged Election Rhetoric ‘Dangerous’; Obama Today: Electoral System Rigged in Favor of GOP

Gee, it’s almost as if Democrats are complaining about the system being rigged. Here’s Barack Obama last month. President Barack Obama on Thursday delivered his most stinging rebuke yet of Donald Trump’s rigged election rhetoric, calling it “dangerous” and saying … Continued



Brainless Bimbo Bombs Badly with Melania Trump Impersonation at Dopey Award Show

Remember how brave so-called entertainers were taking on the Obamas at all those award shows the past eight years. It was and endless parade of profiles in courage as risque actors, singers and models bravely spoke out while exercising their … Continued

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Trump Reportedly Picks Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, Leftwing Media Already Freaking Out

After a week of apoplectic media reports how the Trump transition was in disarray and demands that he let the world know who his cabinet will be, the President-Elect has reported picked Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General. … Continued

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Idiot Liberal Facing Five Years for Threatening to Assassinate Trump

Considering liberalism is a mental disorder — and the past 10 days surely has reinforced that — this clown will probably just declare himself not guilty by reason of insanity. An Ohio man was in court Thursday on a federal … Continued


Faceplant: Mashable ‘Journalist’ Says Photo of GOP Congress is ‘Whitest Selfie Of All Time’; Here’s the Mashable Staff

As the media implosion continues, so-called journalists are just letting the mask drop and exposing their racism for all to see. Or in the case of this clown, his sell-loathing. A lot of that going on these days. Anyway, Vice … Continued